When I was married 10 years ago, I had to plan everything myself. From designing the invitation card, to getting it printed, it was all done by me. My wife designed her own wedding dress and she went shopping with friends to source for materials to do her own sewing. Even her headdress was designed and made by her. I went to the tailor and had my suit made. The wedding venue was a hall in a hotel and the meal was served in a restaurant next door. I got my friend to be my wedding photographer and all the decorations in the restaurant and hall were all done by friends. As for the corsage and hand bouquet, I had a hand in making those as well. I didn’t have a wedding cake made and the restaurant manager wanted to give me a fake futon cake (made of wood with a slit in the bottom rung so that we could pose with a knife in the cake). On closer inspection, the “cake”, if you could call it that, was full of dust and really not even fit to be a decoration, let alone as a set piece for wedding photos.

I was so busy the up until the day before preparing all these things, I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. My mind was so busy and fresh and I kept going over and over in my mind if I had missed something. To make matters worse, I had out of town guests who needed accommodation and I had to wait up for them.

So you can imagine how I tired I had been on my wedding day. Mine being a traditional Chinese wedding, I had to rise early in the morning, at about 5 am. I have to be at the brides’ place by 7am and had to endure the ritual of haggling a “bride price” so that I can get past the bride’s girl friends. No money was transacted, of course, but I was made to sing. Else my wife wouldn’t open her door to receive me. Yeah, right. But it was all done in the name of fun.

If only I had someone do all the planning for me. Honestly, while it was fun doing all the things by ourselves, if we had to do it all over again, I would hire a wedding planner. After all, as I learned much later, while a wedding planner would have to charge me for their services, I would more or less have the services for free as they can help me get discounted services from the other wedding vendors. It wasn’t a popular idea to have a wedding planner back then. And it would have been difficult to locate one locally. But these days, if I search online for wedding planners Singapore, it will bring up a host of web results to show me the ones available in Singapore.

I checked with a few of my friend who got married recently and almost 30% of them are using wedding planners. And boy , the concept they come up with! Nothing too out of the ordinary, but certainly very elegantly and tastefully done. From the décor of the wedding venue, to the bridal gown, to the wedding favours, all the necessary matters attended to by the wedding planners. And my friends could really enjoy their special day (and not to mention their night too).

And if you want to get some ideas before hiring a wedding planner, then I would suggest that you go online and check out the various blogs and websites run by wedding planners. I came across one by a Malaysian celebrity TV host, called Wedding Malaysia, I think, and they have some of the most beautiful wedding ideas on their website. Simply do a search online and you will be spoiled for ideas before your wedding. Hmm…, I might just want to get wedded again. Not.


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