I want to write this to warn you all about the scam comapny jixhost.com who steal your money.

I set up a resseller account with this jixhost.com, all went ok for the first month so i put funds in my account to cover hosting for the next 3 months,

Here is some links to my recipts of For recipts from them please email me so I can send copy if you want to see the evidance, also other payment made via paypal bellow

Transaction Details


Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #8CR196054R845952D)

Business Name: JixHost    (The recipient of this payment is Verified)
Payment Sent to:

Total amount: -$40.00 USD
Fee amount: $0.00 USD
Net amount: -$40.00 USD

Item Title: JixHost – Invoice #7476
Date: Mar 8,
Time: 09:59:35 GMT+01:00
Status: Completed

Shipping Address: No Address Provided

Business Contact Information

Funding Type: PayPal Funds
Funding Source: $40.00 USD – PayPal Account

These 2 payments total over $60

Here is copy of email they sent me

I can  decided that I no longer want to provide you with service. I can do what I want I all ready have your money so tough luck you lose HA HA HA

entitled to. —–Original Message—–
From: Jose <>
To: Daniel De Luca <>
Sent: Sun, Mar 20, 11:47 pm
Subject: Re: MY Account


This is were all the problems started the hosting kept going off the first week after I paid for the next 3 months then sudenly the closed my hole hosting and all my clients hosting down, when i mailed them about this is what they said to me tough luck thats the way it goes and there is nothing you can do HA HA HA thanks for the free money…

Please be aware of this company every one they are a complete scam company and will just STEAL YOUR MONEY………

I am now at prest having to go via the police to file frud and theft charges against them.

If other people have had trouble with them which I am sure they have you can file complaint here http://www.bbb.org/us/consumers/


They will steal your money and your’s and your clients data and try to hold you to ransome they are now telling me they will reopen the account if I pay the $500 PLEASE EVERYONE BEWARE THIS SITE jixhost.com they are SCAMMERS and will steal your money.

use  a real hosting site :




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