I am sorry to say but the internet is not a passing fad and if you are a small business owner and you do not already have an online presence – then you are missing out on a massive market!

With millions of searches made each and every day on Google and over 500 million registered users on Facebook, there is a huge opportunity available to all small businesses and it is only going to get bigger. So why not jump on now are ride the wave up?

But Websites Cost A Lot Of Money!

The one thing that stops most small business owners from getting a website is the costs associated. It it not uncommon for a basic website to cost in excess of $5,000 and that is not an amount that any business, let alone a new or small one, can afford to part with lightly.

So instead of looking into their options, they put the idea to the back of their minds and focus on running their business. What I want to look at now, is a simple and low-cost way that you can easily set up a website for your own business (yes you become the website builder) and create a professional looking site for under $100!

The reason we can do this is the amount of free resources that are available online – so let’s go through this simple process.

1. Order Some Website Hosting

You website needs a place to live on the internet and that is exactly what website hosting is. It holds all the files for your website and allows you to create email accounts and a few other neat little things that we will touch on later.

There are a lot of great hosting companies (and quite a few bad ones), so do your research and search the internet for reviews.

Cost: About $5-8/month

2. Purchase A Domain Name

You website may now have a place to live, but it also needs an address so that people know how to find it easily – and this is called your ‘domain name’. These are the addresses that you type into your browser to visit a website – like ‘www.facebook.com’.

Domains are not expensive, depending on the extension that you purchase.

Cost: About $10-20/year

3. Install WordPress

Now you need a basic framework for your website so that you can easily add content and designs – without having to worry about the messy and confusing coding that looks like it is in a different language.

WordPress is a free website framework that is used by millions of people around the world, and a product that I personally use and recommend. If you hosting has a feature called ‘Fantastico’ then you can easily install WordPress in a couple of clicks – otherwise Youtube has a lot of tutorials if you get stuck.

Cost: FREE

4. Purchase & Upload Your Design

By now you website is starting to look like something – but is probably looking pretty bland and boring. Now is the time to spice up your design with a ‘theme’. One of the great things about WordPress is that there are literally thousands of professional free and premium WordPress themes that range  from free to very inexpensive.

The theme you get should include instructions on how to install it.

Cost: $0-50/Once Off

5. Edit Your Content

Your website is now complete except for one final thing – your content.

Now is the time to add pages to your website to tell everyone what you do, and how you can help them.

Cost: Only Your Time

And that is how you can easily set up your own website for under $100. Now this may seem a little confusing for something people so through my Sunshine Coast web design firm I can help you through this process personally for a fee.

What Next?

So if you now have your website up and running and are wondering what else you can do to put your website to better use, then here are a couple of simple things that will multiple the effectiveness of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

As I mentioned earlier, there are millions of searches made daily online and to get your piece of this very large pie you will need to do a little thing called search engine optimisation. You can either learn this yourself or hire an SEO services company.

Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a great way to leverage your network of friends and to keep people up to date with the latest promotions and offers.

Twitter Account

Twitter can be time consuming, but if done right it can be a fantastic networking tool for your business.

Local Marketing

And last but not least, let’s not forget the effectiveness of including your website address on your business cards, letterheads and other local marketing techniques. You can definitely market your website offline.


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