Nightclub patrons are fickle, and to keep their interest, nightclubs are evolving. There are clubs for every taste and budget, but there are also broad trends that can be seen in many clubs:

More than music. Clubs are adding other forms of entertainment, including things like fire performers and circus acts. Traditional nightclubs emphasized the dance floor and DJ booth. In today’s clubs, dance areas are smaller, and there is more space reserved for general seating. At the same time, sound systems are getting better and better, as improved technology brings costs down.

Technology. Many clubs now feature high-tech interactive “table based” games, as well as mobile games and applications, and free wi-fi hookups. In addition, they offer online reservations, social networking links, mobile coupons and mobile guest passes. Behind the bar, clubs are also adding more sophisticated applications for managing inventory and service.

Mixology. Flash bartenders are giving way to a focus on service… drinks made the way you like them. Watch for an emphasis on club specialties, seasonal drinks, and classic drinks with a twist.

Green. Clubs are using fresh, natural, and organic ingredients in drinks and food. New clubs are built with sustainable materials and energy efficiency in mind. This makes good sense for any business, but it can also be a marketing point for clubs appealing to eco-conscious patrons.

Full food service. A growing number of clubs offer full food service in the afternoon and evening, and switch to a light appetizer and drink menu when the night crowd arrives. Some clubs are bringing in gourmet chefs to create custom menus. Pizza Rock hired Tony Gemignani, the only American to ever win at the World Pizza Cup competition in Naples, Italy, as their executive chef.

Theme or ‘experience’ clubs. Low-cost computer technology has brought elaborate lighting effects and video displays within the budget of even small clubs. Many clubs now feature extravagant decor and spectacles to bring in patrons. Dive Bar features a 40 foot tank with live fish and mermaids!

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