Whether you live in California or are just visiting, surfing can be a fun and exciting activity. Don’t shy away from this wonderful experience just because you have never tried it before. You will truly be missing out. Southern California surf lessons could be very helpful, and Malibu Makos Surf Club is just where you can find them. They have professionally trained surfers, instructors, and lifeguards waiting to get you started on this excellent adventure. In fact, they have been providing people with training, instruction, and supervision since 1991. They offer private lessons in beach activities, group lessons, parties, and special events. Perfect for all ages, even children, they focus on respect for the ocean and water safety, while having fun exciting experiences surfing.

Once you have decided to take Southern California surf lessons, you may wonder exactly what to expect. Malibu Makos instructors are hands-on, with safety being their main concern. Each lesson is one hour long. Instructors begin with what they call ten minutes of beach lessons before hitting the waves. This is when you learn the basic essentials such as paddling, how to catch a wave, popping up, foot placement, balance, and control of the board. They’ll show you the best ways to turn and how to handle a fall so that you won’t get seriously hurt. By the time they are done, you’ll be able to confidently surf and have fun doing it. Click here to learn more about all that is available.

Malibu Makos offers surf lessons for individuals as well as small groups of four or less. So whether you like keeping things a little more private, or having a few friends join in, they have classes to suit your needs. It costs $100 per person on an individual basis. The more in you r group, the cheaper it is. Four people will only cost $225. This includes wetsuits and boards so that you don’t have to worry about getting equipment when just starting out. All ages and levels of ability are accepted.

Not only do they offer Southern California surf lessons, but they also have kayaking lessons for groups or individuals, provide lifeguards for your private events, offer ocean safety educational programs, and surf PE. Because they are not just about education, keep them in mind for beach parties and corporate events too. Click here for more information.


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