For Brazilians, the new war on the Streets is in Cyber-space – and it’s tooth and nail stuff.  High level connections have been connected, the information artillery is at the ready, but the battle proper has already commenced.

If you’re travelling through Brazil, you better make sure your stuff’s legit.

The National Council against Piracy and Intellectual Property Crimes, a combination between a public and a private institution setup specifically to perform an almost ritualistic destruction of the Brazilian Pirate culture.  The Brazilian government haven’t kept it secret mind you, they published a report in 2006 explaining exactly how, guns blazing, they would accomplish the task.  How are they gonna do it?

The Brazilian Cyber Space crack down.

We love the order:

  • The “Enforcement” Team
  • The “Education” Team
  • The “Economic” Policy Team
  • The “Institutional” Policy Team

The above teams are looking into and solving the issue of piracy, today, tomorrow and forever.  With the local council practically beating them with sticks to get the crack down finished and the Brazilian populous educated, it’s happening at an alarmingly fast rate.

It’s a message you’ll see everywhere.

Anti-Piracy Message

From blasting the anti-piracy message across your TV, the Radio and even Bill-board, they have the communication message going over Loud and Clear.  They say that they are willing to listen to concerned parties at meetings and seminars throughout the country, even online in some case.  Of course this works BOTH ways and it seems that the council are capitalising on that fact buy installing a confessions booth and a snithing section. Telling stuff?

This doesn’t just cover the normal, run of the mill software piracy industry either, it also covers the Intellectual Property rights of almost any Trademarked “Pirate-able” item.  Many Millions of dollars are being pumped into this sector, one wonders why / where the money is coming from. Is Brazil the capital of the world Software and Brazilian DVD Piracy?

Travelling to Brazil, watch the border…

Better watch out if you go to the border crossing with a trunk load of your mates pirated Xbox Games, the Police will be most impressed to listen to your story, however convincing, whilst you stare through the rusty bars of a local police station. I am guessing they don’t have air-con?#,The seizures of equipment and counterfeit produce have been increasing since 2004, with booties of tens of thousands a regular find .  Would you like some latex gloves? 20 plus shipping containers full? Brand name sir, no problem. Counterfeit.


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