The island of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean is easily synonymous with fantastic vacations in one of the most perfect settings in the world. Seychelles is thus one of the world’s top travel destination, especially for couples. It is widely regarded as a spectacularly unique getaway location for couples who go there for their wedding, their honeymoon (and often actually both!) or simple romantic holidays. Obviously, given its popularity, it remains quite expensive but is nevertheless worth it as its beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

The notable thing about Seychelles is that it not actually a single island like its neighbors Mauritius and Madagascar. In fact, the Seychelles is actually an archipelago of 110 islands with varying sizes. The main islands are obviously the best known out of the bunch. These are Mahe Island, which is also the capital of the Seychelles, Praslin and La Digue, where most tourist accommodation and facilities are situated. In addition to these three wildly popular islands, there are thus tons of smaller islands, some of which are private, which means they are owned by an individual or the hotel.

Obviously, the only means of visiting these islands is by boat. Going from Mahe to the other mains islands of Praslin and La Digue is fairly easy as there are many businesses that provide such transfers. Since the main airport is in Mahe, you do need to rely on these if you have booked your Seychelles hotel or resort in La Digue and Praslin. Once you’ve settled down in your accommodation, you can thus book other boats to visit the other islands.

Due to the large number of such islands, a complete tour is as impossible as it sounds unless you wish to sacrifice the quality of your vacation by spending barely a couple of hours on each island’s beach. It is also worth noting that the main islands also often have hotels with private beaches. A good example is the Emerald Cove hotel. While the New Emerald Cove Seychellse hotel is located on Praslin, it comes with a fine private beach and is very renowned for the quality of this beach.

In many cases, it may not be actually possible to visit the private islands. Many of these are not open to the public. There are also many islands where you need authorization before being allowed to visit the island, but the concierge are often very willing to let you tour the island. Obviously, they first need to ensure that you can be trusted and that you will not be leaving litter all around the island. Other islands that you may not visit can still be admired from the boat although this does not sound as thrilling as actually visiting that island. This is why you need to properly do your research before you for that exotic holiday you have always dreamt about.

The final noteworthy thing is that many people actually overlook these possibilities when traveling to the Seychelles. In fact, many travelers even totally forget about the other two main islands and will stick to the island where their accommodation is situated. This is understandable if their travel budget restricts them from going to the other islands. However, if you can afford to visit several islands while on holiday in the Seychelles, it is of course an excellent idea to grab that opportunity.


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  1. Chantal says:

    Brilliant review. Note also that there are domestic flights that may take you from Mahe to Praslin almost every 30 minutes. And it’s true each island has its own feel and characteristics and hence well worth doing the “island hopping” as we call it. This is also another main advantage with spending time on Praslin.It has a lot more neighbouring islands that are worth visiting la Cousin, Aride, Curiuse , St Pierre etc not forgeting the Vallee De Mai one of Unesco’s smallest heritage site with one of the largest nut in the world – the Coco De Mer. It has so many interesting stories that you would not want to miss. Another hotel with a private beach is the La Reserve Hotel on the North East side of Praslin . A Seychellois owned establishment promising local charm and professional service but its all good in the Seychelles.


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