Dubai is one of the emirates in the U.A.E which is United Aram Emirates. This land has a history which dates back to 1833. This was officially established by the Sheikh Maktoum bin Buti al Maktoum in the same year. It was just a mere desert until the late 2009; it has started building its infrastructure and became the hottest tourist destination.

The things to do in Dubai are

Get to know the culture at the Heritage Village

Don’t rush to explore Dubai without knowing its culture, u can only experience the real Dubai once you become one of them. The heritage village is basically a museum kind of thing which showcases the tradition and history of the place and the key attraction is the basket weaving and craft works and pearl diving since the people of older generation made their living from the pearl diving from the sea.

Stare the Dubai Fountain

You might have seen many water and musical fountains, but I am sure you have never witnesses anything like this before which is located at the Burj. The incredible thing about this fountain is, it has a jet motor which fires water till five hundred feet into the air. This is considered the worlds tallest and the largest dancing fountain. The show starts every day at 6 till 10.

Go Dune Bashing at the Desert

Do not miss this at all when you are there. This incredible safari is in an S.U.V with trained drivers all you need to do is put on the seatbelts and get ready for the roller coaster ride on the dunes. The latest added vehicle to the collection of S.U.V’s is the Hummer H3. You can even join the club if you have your own 4×4 S.U.V and start duning.

Start Skiing at the Ski Dubai

You might at some point get irritated with the heat if you are not much used to it. Then there is a venue to escape the heat. It’s the Ski Dubai. This recently added happening place in has snow skiing location at the new Mall of the Emirates which is even called as the MOE which is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road. The key features of Ski Dubai are the both skiing and snowboarding and the temperature here is   -4 and the cost for two hours is around one eighty Dinar’s.

Fly in the Hot Air Balloon

The only way to witness the eagle eye view of Dubai is, the Hot Air Ballooning. Though it is really hot at those high altitudes, its worth having a fly where you can start gazing at the beautiful deserts and the city. The ideal time to go ballooning is either at the time of sunrise or at the time of sunset.

Start counting the floors of Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, which was formerly Burj Dubai. This is the tallest building in the world with a height of two thousand seven twenty three feet. The huge structure took five long years of construction, which was completed in the year 2009.

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