It is the time to think about booking this years holiday, and if you are like many thousands of other UK tourists then it’s highly likely you’ve not yet decided where to go, perhaps you have some ideas, but as we like to help out as much as possible we thought we’d give you a run-down on not only the most popular holidays and destinations for 2012, but also where to grab the cheapest holiday deals.

Top Holiday destinations for 2012

1st. Florida Holidays

Florida HolidaysWithout doubt this year, Holidays to Florida were the number 1 holiday destination in 2011 and 2012 is not set to be any different with Universal Studios Orlando and Disneyland Florida the 2 main resorts of choice. Of course we must not forget Sea World Florida as it is also a great pull for tourists. Flights to Orlando have dropped in price and that has also increased the popularity of Florida.

The weather is wonderful, car hire is cheap and the Florida keys is one of those places that everyone should visit and your kids will love Disney Florida.

2nd. Turkey Holidays

As always, Turkey holidays are near the top, not only does Turkey offer a host of top holiday resorts, from Side, Bodrum, Icmeler to Marmaris, Turkey HolidaysKusadasi and Gumbet. 2012 is going to be a good year for Turkey.

With temperatures that regularly reach well into the 50′s Turkey offers the sun lover all that they could want and more. Top sun worshipping destinations in Turkey include Antalya, Belek and Dalyan and with flights everyday fom every UK regional airport you will find yourself spoilt for choice if you choose to take a holiday to Turkey in 2012.

3rd. Egypt Holidays

Even through all the troubles in Egypt, holidays to Egypt and in particular, Sharm El Sheikh have still proven to be one of the most popular destinations for us Brits. Your safety is assured, Egypt is 100% open for business and is perhaps the number 1 destination for 5 star all inclusive holidays.

Egypt HolidaysAlmost every hotel along the strip in Sharm offers all inclusive holidays, with many of them having luxurious features and some of the most beautiful landscaped gardens you could ever hope to see and the swimming pools a fantastic.

Egypt holidays are in.

4th. Maldives Holidays

Maldives holidays were once considered a destination for the more affluent traveller, but not any more. The Maldives is a beautiful place that is now more in demand than ever.
Maldives HolidaysOne place to check out is Velassaru Maldives.

Scuba diving, sun bathing, eating and sleeping are what the Maldives are about, pure relaxation, miles from civilisation but close enough that the required luxuries are close at hand.

5th. Thailand Holidays

Thailand HolidaysAfter experiencing a sudden rise in popularity throughout 2011, holidays to Thailand have dropped nicely into 5th place. Top resorts are, Chiang, Pattaya and Krabi and the weather in Thailand is just sublime.

6th. Dubai Holidays

For one of the most inspiring holidays in the world a holiday in Dubai leaves nothing to the imaginative. With so many things to do in Dubai, from Skiing, Wadi wadi and the Royal Mirage hotel to Atlantis. Dubai has everything, sun, sand and things to do.

7th. Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean HolidaysThe Caribbean has become a holiday destination like no other. With exotic locations to choose from like, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands it’s easy to understand why holidays to the Caribbean are 7th in the popularity stakes. All inclusive holidays to the Caribbean are still the top choice, with the Caribbean Cruise close behind.

8th. Las Vegas Holidays

It’s all about the casinos and of course the Grand Canyon that is close enough for a visit, even by helicopter if you like. Holidays to Las Vegas have increased in popularity throughout 2011 and are tipped to be even more popular in 2012. Visit the MGM Grand, the Luxor or Circus Circus. las Vegas Holidays have everything and we mean, everything.

9th. Cape Verde Holidays

A much newer destination than those above but still a location that now serves many thousands of visitors a year and with plenty of departures from local airports you really should give Cape Verde a look.

10th. Tenerife Holidays

Number 1 for many years, holidays to Tenerife have been the mainstay of the UK holiday market, with year round sun and more resorts than you would care to shake a stick at, Tenerife is picture postcard perfect.

Now of course, the 10 destinations above are not all the holiday market has to offer but they are the destinations that are most popular and hence they have the most offers and the best prices and now we are onto price, we shall show you where to find your next holiday, and we’ll do our very best to make sure it’s a cheap holiday.


Booking Cheap Holidays to the top destinations for less

Now that you have a good idea where you might like to go on holiday, it’s time we showed you how to get the very best deal.

If you’re looking for Florida Holidays and live in the UK then you should try one of the largest independent travel agents, Barrhead Travel.

Every airport and every destination.

Thanks for reading.


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