If you love adventure during a holiday trip to Australia, you will be able to enjoy lots of activities that are suitable for adrenaline junkies. Adrenaline junkies are different from other travelers because they believe in taking the holiday activities to the top. In fact, there are so many activities in Australia that you will literally feel the adrenaline pumping down your heart. However, if you are not a racy traveler, you should never take risks by participating in those activities that require lots of energy. In this article, we will discuss some of the best activities that are meant for adrenaline junkies in Australia:

Activities for pushing the adrenaline down your heart

  • Deep sea fishing: The region around Darwin and Perth is perfect for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. If you are not in a hurry, and willing to spend long hours in the sea, deep sea fishing is one of the best options that will allow you to catch various fishes including the big ones such as sharks if you do not run out of your luck.
  • Theme parks: If you are in Australia, you must visit the theme parks such as Sea World and Movie World in Queensland, Luna Park, which is located in Sydney harbor, New South Wales and the historical park called Sovereign Hill, which is located in Victoria. These parks will make you twist up and down until your heart is filled up and you begin losing energy.
  • Shark Diving: If you are not lucky enough to dive with the sharks under the blue sea, you will get a similar opportunity to dive with this dreaded creature in the local aquariums, in Australia.
  • Get a V8 Race Experience – Australia is the Mecca of V8 racing and is home of the world’s best V8 Racing circuits.  Get dose of your Adrenaline by driving a real V8 race car at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney or at National Circuit in Melbourne.
  • White water rafting: One of the most preferred adrenaline pumping activity in Australia is water rafting on Mitta Mitta and Murray rivers in order to get the best whitewater experience. If you want to make your holiday really exciting, you can also enjoy white water rafting in the rain forest of tropical north Queensland.
  • Bungy Jumping: This is one of the most thrilling activities for adrenaline junkies, and the locations are Gold Coast is quite favorable for this activity in which you have to jump from a great height without any support.
  • Zorbing: This is a typical activity in which you have to glide down a hill by jumping on a huge ball that is pumped with water. There are several locations in Australia in which you can enjoy this activity.
  • Hand Gliding: There are many beautiful beaches in Australia where you can enjoy this activity that will allow you to have an aerial view of the beaches.
  • Whale Sharks and swimming: This activity will allow you to enjoy a lot as you will get an opportunity to swim with the whale sharks in some of the popular locations in Western Australia.
  • Abseiling: This activity can be found in abundance in various locations, in Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The idea of looking down the steep cliff will allow you to test your mental ability.
  • Swimming with deadly crocodiles: This might not appear a good idea even for adrenaline junkies, but there is an animal theme park in Australia that will allow you to jump into a pool containing crocodiles.

These are some of the few activities that you can enjoy in Australia if you are an adrenaline junky.



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