The traditional maritime town of Whitby, on the East Coast of Yorkshire in England, is a popular holiday destination during the summer.  The chance to explore the sites that Bram Stoker drew inspiration from as he wrote his gothic masterpiece Dracula pulls in many visitors.  As does the Captain Cook Memorial Museum; homage to one history’s most famous explorers and cartographers.  As the weather turns colder the number of visitors begins to fall as is common with all coastal tourist destinations.  However, Whitby does still attract an above average number of holidaymakers during the winter.  So what is it about the town that attracts visitors even in the coldest of months?

Goth weekend

The Whitby Goth Weekend is a popular festival that is held in the town twice a year; once in April with the second event usually at the end of October/start of November.  The festival has become one of the most popular gothic events in the world and sees bands travel from many different countries to perform at the Whitby Spa Pavilion.  In addition to the music scene; visitors are also treated to specialist markets, charity football matches, sandcastle building competitions and many other activities.  Whilst it is advertised at the Whitby Goth Weekend; it tends to spread over 5 or 6 days and during that time the atmosphere in the town is fantastic.  The festival brings in thousands of visitors; meaning bed and breakfasts and holiday cottages in Whitby are at a premium.  If you do plan on attending then it is a god idea to book your accommodation well in advance.

Sea fishing

During the winter Whitby attracts many visitors who are interested in undertaking some sea fishing.  Those that are truly dedicated to the sport of angling can experience the thrill of fishing on the turbulent North Sea when at its worst.  Boat trips still run during the winter; although they are perhaps more suited to the experienced angler.  However, even those that don’t fancy the swell of the open sea can partake in some quality fishing.  Anglers casting their lines into the sea from the pier is a common site and Whitby is regarded by many as the cod Mecca of the UK.  Even the most inexperienced of anglers has the chance of landing a whopper during this period.


The amazing countryside around Whitby provides many beautiful landscapes and seascapes; making it a popular destination for artists and photographers.  The views can be just as breathtaking in the winter months as in the summer and even more so if you are lucky enough to get some snow.  A clear crisp winter’s day can also provide the best viewing conditions and for visitors that love a stroll in the countryside, with the North York Moors National Park ideally situated.  This area of great national beauty also homes a wide variety of sea birds during the colder months to keep the twitchers interested.

The isolation

Visiting Whitby during high season is an enjoyable experience and many that have been once will return time after time.  However, once many of the tourists have left and the streets become quieter you have a chance to get a real feel for the town.  What is striking is how peaceful and relaxed Whitby is during the winter months.  It is in stark contrast to the city life that most of us live and can provide an inner tranquillity that is hard to capture in most locations.  Many of the businesses are preparing for the next season and visitors are free to browse shops at their own pace.  The serenity is a real attraction for visitors seeking a bit of time to recharge their batteries and many locals describe this as the ‘pull’ of Whitby.  Indeed, many outsiders that have decided to purchase property in Whitby have done so because of the feeling of isolation that it provides during the winter.


John Chalmers has owned a house in Whitby for over 20 years and loves living in the town.  He believes that renting Whitby holiday cottages during the winter months is a great way of experiencing the charm of the town firsthand.



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