Sydney Harbour cruises that head out to the deeper oceans to catch a glimpse of the passing whales on their yearly migration from Antarctica to the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef are something that should be done by everyone. It will change the way you feel about yourself, the earth, and the divine importance of looking after our environment.

There are a couple of companies that offer Sydney Harbour cruises, so finding one that can take you on a day trip to see whales in their natural habitat will be easy enough. Seeing whales in the flesh is certainly a more emotional experience than you might think. We have all seen these giant beauties on tv so many times, but there is just nothing like the real thing. Because it is not far to catch them on their yearly journey past the entrance of Sydney Harbour, cruise ships are leaving daily. This is such a wonderful experience that many people who live in Sydney neglect. If you are looking for something affordable and different to do with the family or partner on the weekend (or weekday) or if you are just visiting Sydney on holiday, whale watching should not be missed. Here are the highlights and general cruise/tour details that you can expect. This is only a guide, and you should confirm all details with your selected operator.

  • About the Whales. Whale sighting numbers and details are regularly provided online by a number of organisations and cruise operators. The whales you will see are the mainly the very large Humpback and Southern Right whales can be seen in smaller numbers. The Humpback are on their yearly migration between Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef. A total population of 2000 whales make this part of the world their home. The Great Barrier Reef is their winter-feeding ground and the place where calves are born, a journey of over 10,000 kilometres each way. The calves are born without fat on their bodies and need the time to grow from birth and feed up for the journey to their more permanent Antarctic home. Humpbacks can be as large as 20 metres long.
  • Getting There. Most cruises leave from Circular Quay, which is not very hard to find, considering it is where the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge sit on either side. If you are heading into the city, it is always easiest to catch a train directly into Circular Quay, you will find your departure cruise ship before too long. Australian’s are a helpful bunch, and just ask anyone, and you will be pointed in the right direction before too long. If you are already in the city, it is worth just taking the walk. Sydney is a beautiful city, and particularly in the mornings as the city wakes up. It doesn’t matter what of time of day, your cruise is departing, a stroll through the city to Circular Quay is an enjoyable experience. Sydney is just one of those sexy cities. You just start feeling better about yourself the moment you are in it. The same goes for cruises leaving from Darling Harbour, just catch the train to the Town Hall station, and it is a short walk to Darling Harbour.
  • Cruise Time. Cruises generally last for just over 4 hours, but including, boarding and disembarking times, allocating 5 hours is recommended. Most cruises take a leisurely look at the harbour, and the head out of the harbour out to the deeper ocean.
  • Time of Year. If you are coming to Sydney on holiday and planning to make whale watching one of your highlights, make sure you are coming at the right time of year. Whales can be sighted from the middle of May to the middle of December. The whales are heading north from May to August and start heading back until December.
  • Complimentary. Tea, coffee and biscuits are offered as complimentary for most tours, and it is recommended you eat lightly before your tour, and bring any extras you need. Most of these tours are all about the whale watching, and therefore, lunches and other meals, and drinks are not normally available. Check with your operator on these details.
  • Costs, Bookings, Discounts. All of these cruises are extremely reasonably priced. You are looking at most, around 70AUD per adult, with reduced prices for children, and getting a discount is pretty easy, just book and pay online.
  • Guarantees. Check with your operator about what kind of ‘guarantee’ they offer. It is not like they can guarantee the whales will be there, but many of them do their best to make it possible for you. Depending on your cruise dates, they will be offering different discounts or other options, such as getting another free cruise tour if you are you so unlucky not to see a whale.

Cruises from Sydney leave on a regular basis, you will be left feeling different about yourself and the world we live in. This is a must-do experience for everyone. You will care about the environment and nature like you never did before.



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