After I had finished at university my girlfriend and I saved up as much money as we could for a year, borrowed a bit from the bank and went off travelling round the world.  We visited some amazing countries on our travels and saw some stunning sights, from Angkor Wat in Cambodia to Machu Picchu high in the Andes Mountains of Peru.  The trip was one of the greatest experiences of my life and was a real eye opener in terms of learning about new cultures and religions.  However, what struck both me and my girlfriend when we returned from our holidays was that we had visited many countries across the globe; yet we hadn’t actually explored much of our own country.  So we decided there and then that our next holiday would involve a tour around England.

A group affair

Having spoken to some of our friends about our planned trip we found that a few of them wanted to join us, as they too had travelled the world quite extensively, without really seeing much of England.  Before we knew it we had a group of 10 people; 4 couples and 2 sisters.  We all agreed that rather than stay in youth hostels or budget accommodation we would rather be a little more comfortable.  After all, we had all done plenty of roughing it whilst backpacking on our various trips.  So I started doing a little research on the internet and looking at hotel prices in and around the places that we wanted to visit.   The logistics of it all were becoming a little unmanageable and I had to make a lot of phones calls trying to make reservations, but struggling to find places with enough room for us all.

A Eureka moment

It suddenly dawned on me that there must be some companies out there that provide Tours of England for small groups.  So I went back to the Google homepage and simply typed in: small group tours England.  I was amazed at the number of results that my search phrase returned; small group tours England brought back almost 20m pages for me to look through!  Fortunately I didn’t have to sift through all of them to find the solution to my needs.  The first few results were companies offering walking holidays or providing travel arrangements but not accommodation.  Then about halfway down the first page of results I found a link to a company called Best Of Britain Holidays (BOB Holidays).  They have quite a few different tours available, some tailored to walkers, others focussed on City tours – but none of them really suited what we were looking for.  However, I noticed that they offer the opportunity to design your own custom tour and so I emailed them the details of where we wanted to go and waited for a reply.

A great experience

When I got my response email I was pleased to learn that BOB Holidays could accommodate all of our needs and that we were able to visit all the destinations that we had requested.  On top of that they had already contacted hotels in the relevant towns and cities and made provisional bookings.  The trip turned out to be a great experience and we managed to see some great sights, form Tintagel Castle in Cornwall to Hadrian’s Wall on the Scottish border.  The coach that we travelled in was clean and modern and it was great that we could all have a few drinks at dinner in the various pubs we visited without having to worry about driving afterwards.  Plus the coaches had free WIFI so we could do a little bit of browsing in between destinations.  I was also very impressed with the hotels that we stayed in and it was nice to have a bit of comfort.  All in all the entire trip was enjoyable and it gave us the opportunity to bond as a group of friends without having the stress of worrying about accommodation or travel details.  If you are considering small group tours England then you really should give BOB Holidays a look as they are friendly, flexible and took on all of the organising for our trip.  I would definitely recommend doing a tour of England to anyone, whether they are from the UK or further afield.  In fact they could well be better suited for those of you from abroad looking to visit the UK as it offers a single point solution to your tour planning.


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