With the increasing costs, stress and pollution associated with living in the city, nowadays people are flocking towards small beachside communities such as Noosa in Queensland. Although city living affords it’s own benefits, people are starting to prefer a quieter, more relaxing lifestyle. Here are a few of the major reasons why small beachside community living is so appealing to people from the big cities.


City life is known to take a major physical toll on our bodies, putting us at a higher risk of death or injury due to traffic accidents, heart disease from poor diets and stress, as well as a variety of cancers due to toxins in the air, water and food. Living in a community with plenty of fresh air and relaxing scenery is a great start to easing your mind, body and soul. Places like Noosa offer a way healthier situation, with organic local produce and the abundance of nature providing a healthy and cleaner environment. How could you feel stressed when you are surrounded by amazing ocean views and you can feel the sand beneath your feet?


There is only so much coastal property to be had in places as wonderful as Noosa. Luckily, this quiet and serene township remains relatively undiscovered as far as real estate is concerned. At the moment, ocean front property is plentiful and relatively inexpensive, though as more people from the city discover this beautiful place, property values are expected to increase. Now is a great time to invest in a summer or retirement home while there are still plenty of options of prime Noosa real estate. Owning some property here will also provide steady income until you are ready to move in, as many people coming for their holidays are looking for temporary Noosa accommodation to rent.


One of the major complaints you hear from city dwellers is that they often feel alone and isolated in their homes. Humans are social creatures, so it’s no surprise that city folk often dream of life in small beachside communities where they actually know their neighbours and have plenty of time to socialise. Noosa is well known in Australia as a very community-oriented place, and you don’t have to look far to see evidence of this. There are constantly festivals and markets happening in the area that showcase local art and music talent, and there are many community initiatives dedicated to keeping the local environment pristine and free from development. The town’s infrastructure is also designed to promote socialising through its many restaurants, bars, cafes and parks.

Fun Activities

One major thing keeping many people from realising their beachside dream is the idea that life by the beach will be boring. This is a common misconception that people from the city have about small communities and Noosa proves this idea to be untrue. Swimming, surfing, walking, fishing, golfing, shopping, bird watching, canoeing and eating are only a few of the things that you can do here with your time. Another thing you will learn quickly once moving into a small town is that it’s not uncommon or unreasonable to just do nothing at all! Of course, if you really need a dose of higher energy, the city of Brisbane is only a few hours away.

Choosing to live in a beachside community will be the most relaxing move you will ever make. Living fast-paced city lifestyles has done a lot to cloud our minds from what is truly important in life: to be free and happy. By choosing to move to a township like Noosa, you are choosing a healthier and more peaceful life.


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