The busy modern life can often leave us feeling worn out.  Dealing with our busy working life can frequently mean that we are forced to make sacrifices in our personal life, often to the detriment of relationships.  It is important that we do our best to put some time aside every now and then to kick back and relax with the people that we love.  If you are looking to spend some quality time with someone special then you could do a lot worse than considering a short break in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.  Read on to discover why a hotel Yorkshire could be the ideal choice for your holiday destination.

Breathtaking scenery

The county of Yorkshire is home to two of the most stunning national parks in the whole of the UK.  If you are considering a hotel Yorkshire and also love to be out in the countryside then you would be best advised to look to book a room in the West Yorkshire area.  That way you have easy access to both the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales.  These two national parks provide breathtaking scenery that ranges from dramatic coastline, offering golden beaches and towering cliffs, to fantastic waterfalls hidden in the valleys.  Yorkshire really is perfect for those that like to do a spot of rambling or perhaps even paint or sketch a beautiful landscape.

A rich variety of wildlife

Part of the attraction of the two Yorkshire national parks is that they incorporate a multitude of animal species.  The Eastern coast gives home to a wide range of sea birds, including the iconic Puffin.  And Yorkshire now boasts a thriving population of Red Kites thanks to a recent settlement program that has seen the reintroduction of this impressive bird of prey.  The vast swathes of moorland also house many rare birds and animals, making it a popular destination from nature enthusiasts who come from far and wide.

Amazing traditional architecture

The people of Yorkshire are fiercely proud of their roots and many towns and villages still cling to their past traditions.  As a result you can almost feel like you have stepped back in time as you make your way around a historical market town.  This is partly thanks to the fact that roads are frequently cobbled rather than using the more modern tarmac approach.  However, perhaps the biggest factor is that many of the older buildings are listed, which means that they cannot be knocked down or altered.  If you stay in a hotel Yorkshire there is even the chance that you will experience some traditional architecture without having to leave the building.


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