Those who are about to embark on England tours probably haven’t even heard of Otley, let alone earmarked it as a stop on their journey. This article will explain why this quaint West Yorkshire town is a must for all those on England tours, not just for niche travellers.

Stunning Location

Those visiting Otley for the first time will have their breath taken away by its stunning location. Situated between Leeds and Bradford, Otley lies under the ridge of The Chevin (a name deriving from the Gaelic word for ‘hill’). The highest point on the Chevin allows for extensive views of Otley to be taken in, as well as serving as an opportunity to see some wildlife.
To the east of Otley you will find the gravel pit ‘Knotford Nook’. Birdwatchers should make a special note of this, as it is a great place to see some of your favourite birds.

Unique Culture

Otley has a truly unique culture, with great events all year round that celebrate this. If you are undertaking your England tours in September, be sure not to miss out on the Otley Folk Festival, a four day folk extravaganza. Other notable events are the Victorian Fayre in December and Otley Carnival in June.

Fans of a pint will be pleased to learn that Otley once competed for the title of having the most pubs per head of population in the United Kingdom. Even though a few of these have now shut down, there are still plenty of places for ale heads to sup. The recent opening of a Wetherspoon’s chain pub has proved a popular haunt for locals and tourists alike.

Otley also has five Morris dance sites, adding to its diverse range of cultural organisations. Morris dancing plays a unique part in England’s culture and is well worth experiencing if you get the opportunity to on England tours.

This article has outlined a few reasons why Otley is worth a stop on all England tours. Rest assured there are plenty of other great reasons to go here, but you’ll have to find these out yourself when you visit.


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