The world is becoming an ever-smaller place.  Improved travel technologies and networks mean that some of the once difficult to reach destinations are now much easier to get to.  In addition travelling is much cheaper than it once was, with even long haul flights affordable for most.  As a result we have seen a great increase in the number of people looking to undertake extended travel in the last decade or so.  Students in particular have taken advantage of gap years to see the world, before completing their studies and beginning a career.  However, more recently there has been a growing trend for older generations to take advantage of the fact that their children have flown the nest, by undertaking extended travel that wasn’t a possibility when they were younger.  The problem for many is that they have accumulated more possessions than their younger fellow travellers and also have more commitments.  In order to fund their travel some have to rent out their property whilst away, but don’t want to leave their belongings in the trust of a stranger.  That is where self storage can help out.

Overview of self storage

The term self storage relates to the hiring of an area in which you can store your personal or business property.  It differs from more traditional storages options in that only you have a key to your storage space, which makes it a safe place to store important items.  You are able to access the storage space whenever you like without having to inform the storage company beforehand.  The fact that little management is required by the storage company enables them to keep pricing low.

Short term contracts

In the past storage solutions were only available on long term contracts, which often made them impractical for personal use and as such it tended to be only businesses that used them.  Self storage is much more flexible in that the individual is able to hire space on a short term basis and only needs to provide minimal notice to cancel the contract.  So if you do go travelling and have to return early for some reason; you won’t be left paying for storage space that you on longer need.

Making things easy

Self storage is an excellent option for storing your personal belongings during extended travel.  You don’t have to burden numerous friends and family members by asking them to look after your furniture and other personal belongings whilst on your trip.  In addition you only have to visit one place to collect your belongings upon your return.  And with easy access and large loading areas, self storage is a hassle free option which can help maintain the relaxed vibe you hopefully achieved whilst travelling.


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