If you’re looking for a fun and exciting group activity, and you live near the coast, consider a private yacht charter.

Charters are a bit different (and more adventurous) than excursion boats or tour boats.

Tour Boats

Tour boat operators offer fixed schedules and packages. You simply buy your ticket, show up, and board. You can buy individual tickets, or book as a group.

There are many different types of excursions available in most areas:

  • Sightseeing. These are usually short trips designed to get you out on the water and let you enjoy the view. In some cases, you may pass by historical sites or other places of local interest.
  • Eco-tours. These trips focus on experiencing and appreciating the environment. They may include whale watching, visiting marine parks or sanctuaries, and even snorkeling form the boat.
  • Lunch or Dinner cruises. These cruises usually center on enjoying a high-end dining experience while aboard the boat. Larger boats may include live music and even dancing.
  • Special Events. Most tour operators run special events, often associated with holidays. For example, there are usually 4th of July boat excursions to view fireworks from the water.
  • Fishing. Fishing tours usually have equipment and bait available (or allow your to bring your own). They will take you to the best areas for recreational and sport fishing.

There are a wide range of tours available in most areas to meet your interests and budget, but you are limited to pre-planned tours, and you will be sharing the boat with many other people.

Charter Boats

Charter boats differ from tour boats because you and your friends rent the entire boat (and its crew). Charter operators usually have packages to choose from, but because your group is paying for the service, you can work with the charter company to tailor the itinerary for your interests.

There are many types and sizes of charter boats available, including sail and motor yachts, and accommodating groups from half a dozen to several hundred.

Charter services can usually provide all the same packages and services as the pre-scheduled “tour” operators, but the can also create custom packages. Charters can range from a few hours to many days.

Consider a private boat charter for:

  • Company Team Building or Training. Get your work group into a fun and relaxing environment. Some charter operators specialize in corporate events and can suggest activities and exercises. Many larger boats are fully equipped with AV equipment and sometimes even Internet access.
  • Special Events. A boat charter can be a great place for a memorable wedding reception, baby shower, birthday or retirement party.
  • Outings with Friends. There’s no reason to wait for a special occasion… groups of friends can charter a boat for a fun and unique outing.

When talking to charter operators, be sure to discuss food options. Boats may work with outside caterers, or have their own chef available. They can help to create a menu to meet your expectations and budget.

San Francisco Bay Charters

We recommend Yacht Connections International for your San Francisco Bay yacht charters.

In addition to their own charter boats, Yacht Connections International provides a yacht concierge service to help you plan your event.


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