More people these days are opting for a staycation instead of a vacation. A staycation is where you stay at home during your days off, rather than going away. The important thing, if you do this, is to make sure you relax and still feel as though you’ve had a holiday.


Do Something Different - If you have time off work and do the same things you usually do at the weekend, you probably won’t feel much benefit from your time off. Unless you’ve taken the time off for a specific reason, such as decorating, you may well end up wasting the time unless you use it well. Make plans to do something different from your normal routine. For example, take walks, go cycling, visit a new place, bake cakes, paint a picture… In fact, anything new or different that you do will help you feel as though you’ve achieved something in your time off.


Take time to relax - Don’t spend your time off rushing round doing things all the time. Set aside time to relax. A pamper evening with special bath products, time with a good book or a DVD you’ve been waiting to see are great ways to just take time out of the busyness of life.


Treat yourself - Even if money is tight you should really treat yourself on a staycation. If you can’t afford to go out for a nice meal, then cook something special. Set the table as if it’s a restaurant, with your best crockery and cutlery, and candles, wear your best clothes, put on some music and enjoy it.


Staycations with children - Keeping children occupied on a home holiday can be difficult. Children love the beach but if you can’t get to a beach, why not bring the beach to them. Make a sandpit or sand box in the garden, give them water and containers and watch them play. Dress up in beach clothes (even if the weather is bad you can do this inside) and eat fish and chips and ice cream. If the weather is bad then it gets more difficult. Children love craft activities so try and make things with them. Even if you don’t usually have time for this they will really appreciate the time you spend with them. Storytelling activities are also great staycation backups for bad weather if you can’t get outside. If you feel you must put the children in front of the TV, get a special DVD and make it a big event by making popcorn, turning the lights out and turning it into a cinema.


It doesn’t have to be expensive - Some people think they need to spend lots of money if they have a holiday at home. Entrance fees to attractions are expensive but you don’t need to visit attractions every day. Go online and search for free attractions nearby that you may have missed before. Read through a load of travel blogs and you should be able to collect a lot of free advice on places to go. Relax, have fun, and treat yourself and your family and you will go back to work feeling as though you’ve had a good time off.



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