While Mauritius used to lag behind in terms of development and only recently started gearing up in an attempt to become the technological hub of the Indian Ocean, it has always been fairly easy to keep up with news from Mauritius. However, it should be noted that this was the case mainly for those who were actually living in Mauritius. People who were not in Mauritius would often have difficulties keep up with their Mauritian news regularly. Thankfully, the Internet, along with consequential development of the infrastructure in Mauritius, has managed to radically improve this situation.

Mauritius newspapers

A few years back, the Mauritius newspaper industry was limited to two main publications which shared almost equal percentages of the market. This actually worked out fine as one newspaper would come out in the mornings and the second would come out in the afternoon on week days. Weekends would be obviously different, as both newspapers come out in the morning.

The recent years have however seen this landscape change as new newspapers have been released and have challenge the two ancient ones. Consequently, people in Mauritius now actually have a huge range of newspapers to choose from. Moreover, newspapers are now available in both french and english, which works out great for people from abroad who are not that familiar with french.

Using the Internet

If you do not want to buy your newspapers in Mauritius, you can easily keep up with your Mauritian news thanks to a multitude of online outlets. All the major newspapers in Mauritius have their respective websites which can be checked for daily important news such as the Mauritius meteo. While a couple of these Mauritius newspaper websites are rather ugly, they are nevertheless regularly updated and reliable when it comes to displaying the latest news.

You should also note that while these newspapers are great for the latest news, events, information, as well as commentaries from both local readers and expatriates, you can also check out many other websites for more specialized news. For example, if you want updates about the stock exchange or foreign currency fluctuations, you can browse the numerous Mauritius banks website which obviously do a much better job of offering this kind of highly specialized information.

Automatic notifications

Unfortunately, none of the Mauritius newspaper websites actually offers an option to be automatically notified whenever new articles are published. This may be due to the fact that their visitors consistently check out the website on a daily basis. However, you can follow them on their respective Twitter profile or Facebook page to keep up with these updates more easily.


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