Mauritius is an extremely popular travel destination that attracts tourists from all over the world each and every year. It s stunning beaches and wonderful climate are only two of the main reasons why it remains such a formidable destination, and even the tougher economic conditions that have popped up a couple of years back have done very little to reduce its popularity.

Because Mauritius relies so heavily on its tourism industry, vacationers going to the island for the first time can often be awestruck by the number of hotels and resorts there. Consequently, it can always be troublesome for them to select the best hotel given the huge number of accommodation they need to choose from. Moreover, with the variety of accommodation present which range from a typical Mauritius villa to extremely expensive 5 star hotels, you do need some time to make your choice.

This selection process can be made much easier by keeping a few things in mind as you start selecting the hotel where you want to spend your Mauritius vacation. The most important thing is of course your budget. Due to the large number of hotels and resorts in Mauritius, there is also a large variation in price. As such, a renowned four or five star hotel will be beyond most budgets while the basic 4 star hotels in Mauritius will allow you to book more nights for a longer holiday.

Similarly, the location of the hotel also plays a huge role in the selection process. The best hotels are located to the north of the island due to the fact that the best beaches are also located off the north coast of Mauritius. As such, if you intend to do nothing other than relaxing on the beach all day long, you should definitely choose a hotel from these regions. The east coast also has a selection of great 3 star and 4 star Mauritius hotels, albeit at cheaper prices. The beaches there, while still great, are of lesser quality than the ones in the north of Mauritius.

Another factor to take in fact is what kind of hotel you actually need. As already stated before, Mauritius offers a truly tremendous selection of tourist accommodation. The most popular ones obviously include 5 star hotels, famous luxury Mauritius villas, or even bungalows, but keep in mind that there exist other types of quality accommodation that you may initially not be aware of. These include self catering villas, cottages, and even apartments. The latter may not be in an ideal location, but they are quite cheap compared to their more popular alternatives and still provide a quality lodging.

There is no denying that successfully choosing a quality hotel while not going over-budget is an important step that you should never underestimate. By applying the advice above, you will thus be able to choose the best hotel and one that you will actually enjoy staying in.

Ashvin writes on behalf of, which provides hotels and resorts in the Indian Ocean islands such as Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Maldives.


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