It’s no secret that the harsh economy has resulted in the skyrocketing costs of almost everything including the cost of air travel and accommodations across various luxurious hotels. As such, if you want to travel by air to your destination, you’ve probably embarked on a cost cutting mission to try to find cheap flights and cheap hotels in order to get the best there is within your budget. Although you may think it’s impossible, it’s not. You can find cheap hotels and flights through travel agents without resorting to services that are sub-standard. In order to make this happen though, there are some essential tips to apply if you wanna get a great deal and not spend a ton of money.

The first of these tips is to ensure you compare flight prices, as well as compare hotel prices for the destination you are going to so you can get the best deal at the time. This is especially important if you work with agents because in most cases, they will know about the requirements and rates for accommodation reservations for various hotels. Also, agents are usually entitled to a certain percentage off the real price in order to attract large amounts of orders/clients and build the client base for the different airlines and hotels whose products they sell. So if you purchase your accommodation or air ticket from an agent you are not just saving, but you will be entitled to quality service that translates to more value for your money.

The other tip you need to know is that having worked closely with hotels, agents are better placed to understand the hotel that best suits you, even though it may be considered to be a cheap hotel or a cheap flight. This is to say that you should not be afraid of letting agents deal with your accommodation reservations, because they have years of experience in managing reservations for different clients. Because of this, they are well versed on matters of hotels and flights bookings.

Another great thing about using an agent is that they’ll normally take the burden and go ahead and compare flight prices for you before giving you the best deal of them all. They will also compare hotel prices for you if you want to get some room reservations. Agents are also very familiar with the many sites that are known to offer real and genuine information on the bookings and accommodation.

Among the sites that are recommended by agents is the best hotel flight site (), which features a number of hotels in different cities. Even then, you must be sure to examine other factors. For example, whether it is a ‘high travel season’ or not. Why? Because if you’re visiting during peak times of the year it is still possible to find cheap hotels based on the prices at the time, but if you aren’t careful you can easily spend much more than if it was a slower time of year for them.


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