Travelling is both fun and educating. This is especially so when you visit places that have proven to be great tourist attraction sites, be it because of their beautiful sceneries, the culture of the people living in them or the place that the places hold in the history of mankind. It may also be simply for discovery purposes, and no matter the reason for your travelling, there are things that you need in order to make the whole experience not only enjoyable and relaxing, but also both educational and memorable. While many people usually remember to carry along necessities such as water, a journal and other physical tolls, most people usually overlook the role that applications can play in enhancing their whole travelling experience.

TripIt Travel Organizer

This is a famous travelling application that makes travelling very convenient. It does so by organizing one’s files and other information to ensure that things like reservations are well organized for your convenience. The software does this by simply linking to a person’s email account and registering any of the confirmation numbers available in the inbox. This helps to eliminate inconveniences caused by not being well updated on flight delays and flight changes and any other information that is crucial for you as a traveler.


Nothing enhances one’s travelling experience than the knowledge of knowing that you can relieve any memorable moment through the use of pictures. The Photosynth Panorama Capture and Share is a travelling application that seeks to boost your documenting of memorable moments by creating panoramic images through the stitching together of your photos. The application is however only compatible with apple devices and it works on devices that come with iOS 4.0 or its later versions. It therefore has limited compatibility capabilities.

Smart Traveller App

This application was developed by the US department, and as its name suggests, it was designed to help one be smart as far as travelling is concerned. The application is useful in that it helps any person to locate any healthcare facility within range. The beauty about it is that all the countries in the world are included in its listing and thus in case of an emergency or accident, the application can come in handy to help save lives.

Social Media Apps

Most Smartphone’s have applications that have been tailored to increase a user’s social experience. Both android and phones that run on iOS have applications tailored to make it easier for one to interact with the outside world through face book and twitter and other social media. While this may come as surprising to a few, they too are essentials as far as travelling is concerned especially in between joints of interest. They help to avoid boredom. They are also necessary to help one share his or her experiences while on the go. Recorded videos can now be uploaded directly through phones and thus making the whole travel experience more fun.

Most of the applications tailored to increase one’s travelling experience are usually one’s that help him or her to find places that might be of interest. However, applications such as music players and social media applications also play an equally significant role and thus deserve to be tagged with the “best travelling application” name.

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