You must have booked your Thredbo accommodation well in advance if you are planning a short skiing break this Winter. There are too many reasons why you should buy travel insurance before you go. Travel insurance for someone who lives in Australia, going on a short holiday in Australia, particularly a skiing holiday, should be very comprehensive. Here we look at a number of reasons why you should have it, and what it should cover you for, even if you have full medical cover.

  • Cancellations. Insurance for a ski trip should cover you for cancellations and illness. You might lose a lot of money if you get ill before go. You will have paid for all that accommodation and all those passes. There are other issues, such as bad weather, that can destroy all your holiday plans. Comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for all such problems is highly recommended.
  • Emergency Rescue. It is highly unlikely any other of your insurances will cover you for emergency rescue. If you find yourself in trouble, you might also find the cost you will have to pay back for that emergency rescue will take years to pay off. This is a worst-case situation that a little payment now will cover you for.
  • Holiday Cut Short? Again, your holiday could be cut short by injury and illness. This is not cancellation, and should be viewed a little different. You might lose a considerable amount of money if something goes wrong, and you end up going home early.
  • Special Activities. You should consult your medical health insurance. It is probably more cost effective to pay for short periods of cover with travel insurance than to have all of these special activities covered in your general health and medical insurance.
  • Regular Holidays. If you ski regularly, you should also think about annual insurance. This insurance will cover you for the whole year, with a limit on each travel period that can be covered. Normally, each trip must be no longer than 30 days. Check this with your insurance cover.
  • Damage. What happens if you accidentally damage something in your expensive Thredbo accommodation, Perisher, or Jyndabine accommodation? You could be in debt for thousands of dollars. A simple accident in a hotel, such as knocking over a vase in your hotel lobby with your skis, could cost you a fortune. Good travel insurance will cover you for such situations.

Compare. It is always important to compare cost and details of each policy. Just because you bought insurance  from your trusted travel agent, does not mean it is better than another. Cheap travel insurance is cheap because you cut out the middleman by buying direct.


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