There are many different types of travel discounts and they are often based on some kind of an eligibility factor. Discounts exist for students, young people, teachers, seniors, groups and many more. You should definitely talk to your travel agent when you are planning to go on a trip to see if you qualify for any kind of a travel discount.

Group travel discounts

These are possibly some of the best travel discounts available, because they can net you the greatest savings compared to all the other options. Not only might you save significantly on each ticket, but you may very well even be offered a free ticket of some sort. For example, if you are going on a tour with 19 people, the 20th spot might be offered for free. Group discounts can sometimes be combined with other discounts, such as for groups of seniors or groups of students, but you should definitely check to see if this is the case before you assume so.

Student and young people’s discounts

There are many travel discounts available for students and young people. Both groups should make sure they get the International Student Travel Card. It is valid if you are a student or if you are under a certain arbitrary age, such as 26. Even if you do not have one of these cards, you may still be able to get significant discounts on some forms of travel. For instance, if you would like to take a backpacking tour in Europe, then you may be interested in the EURail pass or the EU Bus Pass, both of which are dirt cheap for students and allow you to travel anywhere in Europe for a period of 3 months. You only need to specify your destination at least 24 hours in advance, so this is a perfect way for a student to see as much of Europe as possible for as cheap as possible.

Specific travel agent discounts

There are also specific travel discounts which are generally reserved for travel agents, such as transportation, accommodation and attractions. If you are interested in these types of discounts, then you should generally speak to your travel agent and find out if any are still available. Sometimes you might even be able to get a “familiarization” trip, which is in essence a free trip or a very low cost trip that is designed for a travel agent to get acquainted with a new place. They are sometimes harder to find, because unscrupulous people have abused them pretending to be “freelance travel agents”, but they are still available. You do need to get industry credentials though to make sure you are eligible for this.

Discounts for seniors

In many cases, there might also be travel discounts available for seniors. You can find these most often at travel agents who are specialized to deal with seniors and also for locations that older people tend to frequent more, for instance, Florida and the Caribbean during the winter.


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