Going for a cruise vacation is an excellent choice to give you a big break from the busy city life. Packing for a cruise vacation is part of the excitement because you are thinking through the whole experience. When you are going on a cruise trip you will have to decide whether you are going to a warm destination or a cooler destination and pack your things accordingly.

The best way to start is to spread things out that you think you will need. While you have things in your view you will be in a better position to prioritize things in order. In cruise packing, the less you carry the better off you will be in your vacation. Less weight will give your more mobility and ease of travel which matters a lot when you will be spending most of your time out of the room.

To find out items you will need for cruise packing, you can make a good start by searching on the internet about a standard list of items, so you do not miss out something vital. Using the list you can easily make out the items that are taking too much space versus those that are more important.

Important Items

One of the important items is carrying a sweater with you, even if you know that you will be cruising through warmer areas, you will be good with some necessary protection. A sweater will come in handy whenever you feel like having a walk out on the deck, and temperatures do tend to drop considerably at night. If you love swimming then it is strongly recommended to bring a white shirt to save you from sun burns. If you intend spending some time snorkeling or sunbathing will put you at risk of sunburns definitely you do not want to ruin your vacation that way – especially if you scored a great cruise deal!

There will also be those occasions where you will have to come in formal attire to be a part of the occasion like a dinner. A good idea for cruise packing would be to take something that is light and doesn’t wrinkle. Shirts can be rolled to save them from wrinkling and females can choose something that is light and not beaded with too many decorative pieces.

An extra plastic bag is useful for storing used/dirty clothes. Finally, you will need a calculator for a number of reasons. Whether you are going on a Red Sea cruise or are crossing the Atlantic, you are on the  cruise trip to have a good time and you will have to keep track of your expenses. There can be other vital things that purely depend on your needs.

Some of them include:

  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Pair of sandals
  • Hats/Caps
  • Formal dress/suit
  • Packing

Good cruise packing can be done best by taking advantage of the shapes and sizes of items.

For example, use your belt to outline your luggage and align your shoes along the outer parts of your luggage as well.

The space in the shoes can be used for storing small clothing items like undergarments and socks.

Try to roll larger clothes rather than packing them into a shape to avoid wrinkles.

To keep your clothes safe from humidity, put them together with similar colored clothes and wrap them in a colorless bag.


You can get a colorless or mildly colored back from drycleaners so your clothes remain safe from humidity.

Use Ziploc bags to store liquid items so they remain sealed and safe from getting any leaks.

Avoid taking large bottles of liquids like that of shampoo bottles or conditioners because you will only need them for a short period and the people at the port may not approve them if they exceed a certain volume of that liquid (approx. 125 ml to 150ml). Keep all these things in your mind and have fun!


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