Looking for a summer adventure?  Do you love to swim and you’re not afraid to dive deep sea water?  Then Sipadan Island diving site in Malaysia is the perfect place for you.  You can also invite your friends and family to come over and enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature.

Sipadan Island is one of the best shore diving sites in the world.  It is a small oceanic island with less than an hour away from the mainland in Malaysia.  It is a haven for the most beautiful, exotic, and endangered species of marine animals such as coral reefs, fishes and other marine creatures. The area is rich in natural resources and composed of an excellent ecosystem.

If you are a certified nature lover and you are into adventure.  Island diving is a perfect get-away for you and your friends.  You will surely be in awe of nature’s beauty. In diving you can see the beauty of the sea underworld.  Divers usually say that when they are under the sea it is as if they are into another world.

For a great and memorable experience, Sipadan Island Diving is the best choice for your leisure trip.  The island diving sites promises a remarkable beauty that no other place in the world can provide.  You can have a closer encounter with the diverse sea creatures that some are even in the dangers of extinction.  It is a once in a lifetime experience that surely you will never regret.

The dives sites are scattered around Palau Sipadan Island.  You need to ride a short trip using a speedboat to see the several dive sites.  There are plenty of sea attractions to look forward to.  Like encounters with big fishes like Barracudas in Barracuda Point.  You can see how they make an amazing spiraling vortex. Other marine creatures such as sharks, turtles, and many others are roaming around the dive spots.

There is no specific diving season in Sipadan; you can dive in the area anytime of the year.  But the best conditions in Sipadan Island to dive is from April to December and more so during July and August.  The early months of the year which is January to March is usually a time for unsettled weather.  Thus the visibility of the area is not that clear.  But still it is noted by Malaysian tourism industry that they still have a lot of guests during this time of the year.

But you have to take note that the Sipadan Island has no resorts available.  For some environmental reasons the government of Malaysia decided to close its resort.  Nonetheless, there are still available nearby islands of Mabul and Kapalai where you can find available resorts.  The dive spots are near these islands so it’s a good time for you to have island hopping.

Indeed, the Malaysian government specifically their tourism department had done their best efforts to maintain the image of Sipadan Diving sites as “untouched work of arts”.  It is therefore one of the best place to see a marine sanctuary.




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