Singapore, Thailand and the Far East

Isn’t it time you loosen up a little, maybe more than a little.

Far East Cruises

The list of exciting cruise trips to Singapore, Thailand and the Far East cannot be exhausted in a hurry. Exotic destinations and breathe taking views, Rich Asian food, are sure to put your natural senses to the test. The peace of the cruise is crowned with a good dose of tranquil on board.

Getting on land into Singapore, Thailand and the Far East, you will be met really quickly by exotic sights of the Tourist destinations, the ancient temples and typical curry sauced satays in a Bangkok café in Thailand, State of the art shopping areas side by side open market setups in Hong Kong.

The scenery’s will keep your Camera busy, hopefully you will be laden with a high quality, high resolution digital camera otherwise you will need to buy a lot of film. Take the initiative and power to create your own Adventure through this Asian terrain.

Packages range from a three day cruises to an over seventy day world cruise with stops in Singapore, Thailand and the Far East. You can book a one way escape if you are not in a hurry to leave the Far East, or get a return itinerary for a full package cruise to Singapore, Thailand and the Far East. As Cruise ships depart to the Far East, cruise ships equally travel the in the other direction to many cities of the world.

Far East Cruise Odyssey

A huge number of Destinations

allows you to visit scenic ports in Singapore, Thailand and options to delve further onto China, the Philippines, Borneo, India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia. Get on shore tours to places like the Phuket, the canals and the royal barges of Bangkok in Thailand. The Royal Caribbean among other cruise lines has full length return cruise trips to and from Singapore and Thailand.

Excitement all the way

Now this is a very exciting trip and you can be sure the anticipation has the tendency to make you forget some vital travel items. This is Asia you are cruising to, and any experienced cruiser to Asian destinations will tell you to pack as little as you can, if you are really planning on having a blast in Singapore, Thailand and the Far East. As for clothing and personal, most of the services in Asia are relatively cheaper compared to their counterparts in the Western society. Except you are looking at one those long trip stays, you might need to pack considerably enough to make your stay as comfortable as it could get.

You can start moderating your packing by choosing sizable bags, possibly one you can carry on you with little difficulty. It may be a good idea to get a waterproof luggage.

It can rain quite a bit…

If you are traveling in the rainy season, you should get some water proof jackets for these days. Your cruise line should know just what the temperature and weather is like at the time you intend to cruise to Singapore, Thailand and the Far East. Going with clothing that you can interchange for a variety of occasions may be the best way to go.

It’s a fun trip with lots of adventures; you might want to leave the all the run-way make-up at home for this one.

, Activities on-board

Enjoy on board activities and facilities; swimming pools, exercise centers, big screen movies, Clubs, live shows, Buffet dinners with exotic dishes, casinos, romantic evenings, surf the Internet at will, sightseeing on deck, drink spots, massage and spa sessions and complete service on every challenge you may have at any time. Get off the ship at ports and take a trip into the cites, go shopping or better yet, take more adventures, its Asia, lots of terrains and exotic wildlife experience are on ground for tourists to savor in Singapore, Thailand and the Fat East.


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