Although, we are getting more ecologically and socially responsible and responsive, how about doing the same when you take your next vacation? Yes, the latest fad in travel and tourism is eco-friendly travel destinations. There are a number of places in US that offer you a rich plethora of flora and fauna. Here are the top 7 destinations to enjoy a green and tranquil vacation.

Many people consider Chicago to be the nerve-centre of US economy and home to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Yet, not many are aware that it is also one of the greenest cities in the country. You’ll be surprised that Chicago has several certified green hotels. What’s more interesting is that there are also nineteen green certified restaurants all around the city. With 552 parks including the renowned Lincoln Park, Chicago is way ahead when it comes to green or eco-tourism. Plus, the construction of open alleys and boulevards of Chicago encourage people to walk, which creates less carbon footprint. Chicago is well known for its splendid museums and its bustling waterfront, which offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle fused with old-world charm architecture.

This place is a great example of a green city. Though Austin remains relatively warm for most period of the year, the city has been designed to maintain eco-friendliness for its citizens. To begin, there are more than 200 parks that are great for all nature lovers. To add to this, there are also expansive nature trails for people who love off-road biking. These are also great spots for hiking or camping. Perhaps, the finest example of Austin’s effort to remain green is the City Hall rooftop. It is 12,000 sq. feet of area, which has been credited with a LEED certification. It includes a captivating terrace garden along with a beautiful waterfall alongside solar panels that power the entire complex.

One of the most striking features of Portland is the residents of the city who are are extremely eco-friendly. Probably, one the reasons is that half of the energy consumed by the city is produced from renewable sources of energy. What’s more, the place is home to several green certified hotels, which ensure that your stay is as eco-friendly as possible. Coming to the attractions, you can opt for an awe-inspiring bike ride up the mountains to the famous Portland Saturday Market. The bazaar has plenty of craftsmen with their unique art on display. You’ll be surprised that though most of the U.S population is non-vegetarian, you’ll find plenty of veggie lovers in Portland. This is due to the community farming and gardens, which encourage people to adopt a vegetarian or a vegan diet.

This city needs a special mention as it remains typically cold throughout the year and covered in snow for several months. However, through aggressive campaigning and initiative by the local administration, things have changed dramatically with lower carbon emissions in recent years. What has contributed to this trend is the number of eco-friendly and green hotels, which have cropped up at various spots in the city. The streets of Boston are best on foot as there is so much to explore, no wonder it is nicknamed America’s walking city. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you walk and enjoy the New England Aquarium or the Haymarket, which also happens to be one of the oldest agricultural markets in the city. For people looking for adventure, you can hit the water by Charles River by kayaking or by getting into a sailboat. It is simply exhilarating. You can indulge in some biking or rollerblading besides the river banks. You’ll also find plenty of eateries that offer you exclusive vegetarian and vegan options.

San Francisco
Many know San Francisco for the Silicon Valley but on the other hand are unaware of the tremendous eco-travel potential that the city offers. Did you know that the California Academy of Sciences in the city is not just the largest LEED certified building in America but the world. It doesn’t get greener than this. The city transportation is mainly composed of hybrid taxis and cable cars, which produce lesser carbon emissions thus providing a great boost for eco-tourism. There are also expansive markets with vendors selling organic farming products. Other major attractions are the Golden Gate Park and the Orchard Garden hotel, which by the way is one of the few LEED certified hotels in the country.

This place is also called the Emerald City for its lush green environs and eco-friendly attitude. A hybrid public transportation system is a testimony to the commitment of this city to keep itself emission-free. It has won numerous awards for this noble cause. The preferred mode of transport is not a car or bus but bikes. This is pretty evident in the numerous bike trails and paths laid throughout the city that stretch more than 150 miles.

Seattle ranks one of the greenest cities in America, thanks to some of the policies of the local government that encourages residents to install solar panels to reduce carbon emissions and increase savings. Along with advanced and high-tech buildings there are several LEED certified edifices all over the city, which advocate the philosophy of go green. Places of attraction include the Pike Place Market, Seattle Center, Seattle Art Museum, Future of Flight Aviation and Boeing Tour and the famous Seattle Waterfront.

If you are planning to travel or settle in US with your then these cities should be definitely your choices to stay in the country.