A huge sigh of relief can be felt across the globe at the moment upon hearing this “did it really happen” kind of news. Just hours after a cold-looking Barack Obama announced to the nation and the world that, Osama Bin Laden, the man who had been terrorizing one and all with his fanatical actions against the US, is finally dead. As per the President’s announcement, it was said that the “Antagonist of the world” was gunned down by their troops operating in Pakistan.

This startling piece of news might come as a shock and a revelation to many, who had got accustomed to the fact that “THE MAN” will forever be in hiding and that the forces are incapable of capturing the “Al Qaeda” leader. Speculations were rife for some years now that Osama had taken a refuge in Pakistan, though the country vehemently continued to deny the existence of him. But now it seems that Pakistan (due to mounting pressure, I guess) indeed provided some amount of support to the American Special Forces, who had conducted the operation. For the President, it’s something that his predecessor couldn’t do. Mr. George W. Bush and his overwhelming intellect (pun intended) failed to take hold of the deadliest terrorist in the world even after being 10 years in power. All that Bush could utter were the words, “We would smoke them out of their holes” and this was followed by random bombings in the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan.

The year was 2001 and the day was September 11, when the world saw the face of the most gruesome form of terror, wherein merciless attacks were carried out by the members of the Al Qaeda on none other than US, the superpower that we know of. It was a “kamikaze” like situation with thousands falling to an untimely end along with falling Twin Towers. Never before had anyone witnessed such an attack of great magnitude. In the wake of this humongous disaster, Bin Laden emerged from his so called cave hideout and took responsibility of the attacks. Thus started the “War on Terror” between the fractured remains of the US and the Radicals of Osama Bin Laden. His aim, his dream, was to wipe out America from the face of the earth and he continued to torment them with several deadly threats that kept surfacing every now and then. In the meanwhile, he also spared some time to spread the souvenirs of radicalism in other parts of the world, namely UK and India. The world wanted him dead and was termed as the most wanted man on the planet. The hunt was on to gun him down at any cost and Bush tried his best to claim this “prized possession” during his term.

Reports kept popping up about his alleged presence in Pakistan or about his deteriorating health due to a mystery illness. But it seems that Barack Obama was meant to go down in the annals of History as the man who finally put an end to Bin Laden’s regime as the global terrorist leader. His death comes as a relief to the leaders of most countries and US would be a proud nation now. After all, it was their personal vendetta against their dreaded enemy who had shattered the lives and self belief of the Americans through the attack that came from the skies and left them in a state of desperation, the aftermath of which could still be felt until a few years back.

Hope now lies for a better tomorrow, where people with radical thoughts and behavior will have something to fear because some way or the other, justice was indeed extracted by the Great Nation towards its tormentors. A new day will dawn where we can put an end to fanatics and their ways of destroying the world. Obama, for all his “stagnant political term” can now look forward for one big silver lining during his tenure.



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