Queensland is the second largest state in size and one of the fastest growing populations in Australia. It plays an essential role in boosting of the Australian economy due to a variety of different jobs and industries.

Over the past 20 years, the economy of Queensland has enjoyed a boom in tourism and mining industry. Job opportunities in the state are abundant because of the assortment and relative number of industries. The popular jobs in Queensland are in the fields of agriculture, mining and tourism. Mining is rated as the private industry of the state and offers wide range of job opportunities for miners, geologists and environmental coordinators. With the promise of over 40,000 new mining jobs in the next couple of years – mining is definitely seen as a growth industry for the state. As well as these, health care workers are also employed for ensuring the good health of the miners and workers who work in both underground and open pit Qld mines. Administrators, accountants, receptionists and human resource managers that run the mine also work in this industry.

Another popular industry in Queensland is farming. The main are the growing and harvesting of bananas, pineapples, sugarcane, peanuts and cotton. Wineries and cattle raising are also the related activities. Being qualified workers in this department, farmers perform the job of monitoring the growth and yield of crops and raising of animals. Their job is to prevent damage to the crops due to pests or due to any other way. Technicians are of utmost importance in the processing plants of cotton and wineries as they run them. Secondary industries are also there. They are the processing plants which provide further processing, for example, bauxite to alumina, sugarcane to sugar and copper refining. Such industries provide a number of office job opportunities.

The flourishing tourism industry in Queensland is credited to the climatic conditions of this state, which attract shoals of national and international tourists. This not only benefits the retail industry like restaurants and shopping malls, but also offers a wide variety of jobs ranging from a simple shop attendant to a lawyer.


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