On April 29th,, U S President Barack Obama, commissioned a raid on Bin Laden’s suspected location near Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The total raid, including intelligence sweeps of the compound, where Osama lived, was actualized in less than 40 minutes. Osama Bin Laden’s body was recovered and biometric facial recognition tests were performed.  Subsequent genetic testing reportedly aided the preliminary identification.

May 2nd,, marked the death of one of the top ten most wanted men on the FBI’s list, Osama Bin Laden. A man responsible for bombing attacks on the U.S. Embassy and the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers of New York City, being only a couple of terror attacks by his organization, Al Qaeda, and had a reward  on his name of millions of dollars.

Bin Laden’s death urged rejoice, frolic and celebration for Americans, as well people of other countries. Celebrating a man’s death is rather uncanny, though in this case, it called for festivities. Justice was finally achieved for the families of victims who had a sore spot.

The celebrations were just a minuscule part of the event. There has been an outbreak of emotion opinions on this man’s death. He was dead 10 years ago – He is dead now – He is not dead for real – He will never be caught! Some opinions running through the minds of millions of people, who have, either personally been affected by his attacks, or have been terrorized by the mere thought of an attack.

We have all watched, heard and read the news with the opinions of the US officials, defense of the Pakistani Officials and debates among intelligence of several countries. Intelligence Services have developed a number of theories; have concluded a number of outcomes, backlashes, revealed the death-knell of terrorism and at the same, the rise of a terrorist backlash!

But, what lies in the heart and mind of the common man, is the big question.

No reason to celebrate – A number of people believes it is no reason to celebrate. It was expected that this momentous achievement would give closure to the families and loved ones of the victims of Osama’s several attacks. However, people have reacted with sore hearts, still aching with the loss of their loved ones. They say that the death of a terrorist, which should have happened anyway, does not take away painful memories.

Government cannot b trusted – “Our government cannot be trusted” – is what many are saying. Many do not accept what the news shows, or what the governments of US or Pakistan want the world to believe. It is being said that the true picture is completely different.

Time to celebrate – Those who have lost loved ones during attacks, or have even been terrorized by anticipation of attacks, have finally found a reason to celebrate. They say that it is not about Osama’s death, but the common man’s victory for justice.

War against terrorism – Most people believes that the death of a vicious terrorist has marked the rise of war against terrorism, which will eventually lead to ‘peace’.

Rise of terrorism – The belief of eventual global peace is countered by the belief that Osama’s death will have multiple backlashes. It will be terrorism against the common man, as it is the innocent common people who bear the brunt of terrorism. Terror will strike again, and much bigger this time.

Theories – Theorists have developed a widely popular theory that Osama was murdered sometime after the 9/11 attacks, and that his death has been a discreet fact, which was carefully not revealed.  The White House, however, denies this claim. There is a likelihood that a lot of evidence is circumstantial, and difficult to prove.

Theories also say that Osama is still alive and well. Since no photos and evidences of him being shot have been revealed yet, many believe Osama’s death is a ‘gimmick.’

“Terrorism is the tactic of demanding the impossible, and demanding it at gunpoint.”, said Christopher Hitchens, rightly so. An excellent demonstration of this thought by the US officials, is to be commended. Despite the contrary beliefs on Osama’s death, beliefs and determination for the survival of good over evil, and establishment of peace, should be mankind’s motto. Gandhiji said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Let us bear in mind our forefather’s urges and live a life of prosperity, not terrorism.



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