A HDMI Wall Plate is a great little piece of kit. It will allow you to connect your High Definition Television to your Home Theater equipment via a high quality HDMI Cable – all while keeping those ugly cables hidden from sight, wherever your LCD, Plasma, or LED Television may be situated or mounted.

HDMI Wall Plates – or HDMI Wall panels as they’re also commonly called – are able to be mounted to any part of a wall which you are able to drill into, and push a cable through. As you need to drill into the wall and pass cables through the openings, sometimes a HDMI Wall Panel is competely out of the question if your home is constructed of concrete or brick. If your home is constructed of timber, then the idea of installing a HDMI wall panel may seem a lot more realistic to the home handyman.

There are a few different varieties of HDMI Wall Plates. Some have a single HDMI socket, and some have dual HDMI sockets, which can come in handy if you’ve got multiple home theater devices or televisions. Some also include other connections, such as component connections (red/green/blue cables), digital optical audio signals (for up to 7.1ch surround sound), RJ45 for networking pc’s and game consoles, as well as many other configurations including VGA, USB, AC Electricity, and even your phone line.

Connecting into a HDMI Wall Plate is much, much straight forward and foolproof than most other wall-mounted connections. RJ45′s and phone lines require “crimping”, and component video, AC Electricity, USB and VGA can sometimes have tricky connections which should only be attempted by a licenced electrician – for your own safety, and to make sure the job’s done right – it’s complicated! If you’ve selected a HDMI Wall Plate which is simple to use, the HDMI connection at the back will simple be a HDMI socket! This means that you can simply run a high quality HDMI cable through the wall between the wall access points, and plug it in at the back of each wall plate!

How’s that for simplicity!?

Depending on your application (and of course decor!), you may need to have a hunt around for a which has all the connections you require, as well as a stylish front panel and high-quality connections. When selecting your HDMI wall plate, do not select the cheapest possible option – you will find that the on the cheap, cheap HDMI wall plates, the white plastic surrounding it will become yellow after a few years due to low quality plastic reacting to sunlight, much like a newspaper goes yellow. Selecting a high quality HDMI wall plate from a reputable dealer will ensure that it will always maintain a high quality connection with your , will be simple to use, and maintain its brand-new sheen for many years, until it’s time to upgrade your home theater again.


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