GOOGLE PLACES was launched by Google in September 2009. It is a part of Google Maps. According to Google, it is a webpage for every place in the world. Google places helped the businesses to brick their presence online beyond a website.


It is only Google that realized that people do need a page where they could search for any place that exists all over the world, that place may be a restaurant, a hospital, an amusement park, landmark,   neighborhoods, businesses, different cities or it may also be a place of one’s keen interest. Despite of this fact, there are people in the world who want to explore the world which they cannot do by travelling around, so they Google the places and know about them. On the other hand, there are such people who want to kill their time by exploring different places of the world to know about different geographical places and cultures. Hence, Google Places assists such creature of the world.


  • When you are on a place page but you are not satisfied by the information you got and you are in dire need of more information about that place then there is nothing to worry about; you just need to click on “more info” in search results or on “more info” in the mini-bubble. By this, you will get an entire page full of details like videos, reviews, photos, and related websites.
  • Nowadays, people use mobile phones more than computers and that is how they are searching for their local needs right on urgent basis. Since Google Places is also a part of Google Maps, therefore in order to find out how to get to your business, you will most likely do a Google local search on your mobile phone.
  • Google has lately updated its features with which business owners can bring their Google Places page up-to-date with few hours of maneuver, videos, photos, coupons and product offers. This also helps customers to place reviews about the business on Google Places.
  • Moreover, if a person is travelling to serve his or her customers than that he/she can show the geographic areas he/she has served. And if the person runs a business without an office location or a storefront, than the person can make his/her own address private.
  • The latest updated feature of Google is the advertisement. Businesses in selected cities can now make their listings stick out on and also with Tags on Google Maps in not more than $25 per month. Over and above, advertising and uploading their pictures, businesses in selected cities can now apply for free photo shoot of core of their business which they will be able to use to append the existing pictures of businesses on the Place Pages.
  • It is absolutely true that businesses with Google Places pages “stand out from competitors.” Businesses with Google Places pages are not only on the first two pages of search results but more often than not, they are on top of the fold.

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