There may be more benefits to owning a HDMI switch than you initially thought!

Of course, there’s the obvious advantage of being able to plug additional HDMI devices into your television or amplifier; But what you may not have thought of is that by using a HDMI Switch, you are also extending the life of your HDMI cables! By using a HDMI Switch, you are eliminating the need to be constantly plugging and unplugging your HDMI cables when you want to use a different device. This is great, as it means far, far less wear and tear on the connectors.

If the connectors on your HDMI Cable are not built of solid molded metal, you may find that after a few plug/unplug cycles your connectors will start to fall apart. This is because most HDMI Cable manufacturers design their cables as cheaply as possible, and don’t have durability in mind. These cheap cables use plastic connectors which eventually become brittle with wear, and connectors which are nickel plated – nickel will corrode much, much faster than gold plating, as a result of repeatedly touching it with your fingers.

Also theres the safety part – I’m sure we’ve all at one point or another had a few cables running around the house. I know there’s been quite a few times where I haven’t been paying attention, and I’ve tripped over a cable, resulting in either an embarassing situation, or some electrical appliance has been smashed onto the floor as a result of me pulling the cable so violently. If you’ve got all your cables neatly organised, you obviously wouldn’t need to have these messy cables running all over the place.

The best way to avoid these repeated plug / unplug cycles and safety issues, is to invest in a decent quality . A Good quality HDMI Switch will be capable of passing through all of your entertainment devices’ signals, as well as 3D signals. Some higher ranged HDMI switches will allow you to switch between multiple inputs, as well as split to multiple outputs – this is great if you want to watch the football on the poolside television!

Switches are available with remote controls, meaning you can switch between your Playstation3, XBOX, Blue Ray Player and PC, all from the comfort of your living room chair. This makes entertaining a whole lot easier when you want to use a different device, as your guests won’t have to wait 10 minutes while you figure out which cable goes where – it’s all already done! Now that’s convenience!

HDMI Switches are available with many options – you can get a very high quality at a very reasonable price from online webstores, and also available are HDMI Switches which have the ability to amplify your HDMI signal, enabling you to run longer distance cables. A good quality HDMI Switch will have fully 24k Gold Plated connectors, as well as a metal casing.



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