Over the last few years we have seen some big changes in the world of the LED TV.  Perhaps the most awe inspiring have been the 3D models, which have flooded the market on the back of the now legendary film Avater.  The new technology has made viewing more immersive and created a real buzz around LED TVs that hasn’t been present for some years.  Even more recently we have seen the introduction of the smart LED TV.  However, for those of us that aren’t big on technology and new devices, the world of smart TVs can be somewhat confusing.  So what exactly are they?

An overview

Whilst there are several minor benefits that are provided by smart technology, the main advancement is the integration of the internet into television.  In the past, consumers have only been able to access the internet on their TV through a secondary device, such as a Sony Playstation.  The new smart TVs are able to connect directly to the internet without the need of a secondary device via WIFI.

Content when you want it

There are numerous advantages provided by such capabilities.  One of the most convenient is the ability to easily access catch-up TV services when you have missed your favourite show, without having to sit and watch it on your laptop.  Likewise you can access video on demand and ‘rent’ films by streaming straight through your TV, again negating the requirement of a PC. There is even the opportunity to watch user generated content by streaming direct to the TV from a PC, without having to transfer it to a USB storage device first.

Other benefits

In addition to improved access to content there are other advantages, such as the ability to vote on topics, play games, access social networking sites and view electronic programme guides.  Although the technology is still relatively new, the scope moving forwards it almost limitless.  In the same way that owning a smart phone can remove the need to own a camera and audio device; a smart LED TV will eventually make owning a DVD player and laptop a thing of the past.  And if you want to use the two devices in conjunction, you can even download an app for your smart phone that will let you use it as a remote control for your smart LED TV!


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