The top three reasons why mobile phone insurance claims get declined

Today’s mobile phones are quite a costly investment, especially with the introduction of
smartphones. Therefore it would be a significant oversight to not insure whichever handset you
have chosen to use. Not only are they fairly easy to break, lose or have stolen but mobile phones are
now the main method of communication for the majority of people, they are used not only in our
personal lives but also in business and connect us to 99% of the people we know.

However, there are certain things you need to do to make sure that you are able to successfully
claim on your insurance depending upon your particular circumstances. We have listed the top three
reasons for mobile phone insurance claims being declined when phones are stolen, lost or broken.

1. If your phone is stolen

If your phone has been stolen you must report it to the police and acquire a crime number as
soon as you possibly can. You will not be able to complete an insurance claim for the theft of
your phone without this unique number. Although this seems like an extremely straight forward
and obvious course of action, it is surprising how many people fail to do this.

2. If you lose your mobile phone

When you lose your handset you must immediately get your SIM card deactivated so that no
one else is able to use your phone number. When you file your claim the insurance company will
need to know various information such as when and where did you lose it. If the date of your
last phone call/text message does not match up with the dates that you provide then your claim
will be declined as the company will not believe your story to be accurate or honest.

You will also need to check just what kind of insurance you have been paying for. Some levels of
insurance do not cover your phone if you lose it on a night out or on a bus where as others will
cover all circumstances.

3. If your break your handset

You need to carefully read your insurance guidelines when you claim for a broken phone. Some
levels of insurance do not include water damage, where as others will. However, do make sure
that you clearly and honestly detail how your phone became damaged as you will be required to
send you handset off to be inspected and if your statement does not match your findings then
your claim will be denied straight away.

For more phone insurance information check out mobile phone insurance. They will ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly whether you have blackberry or iPhone Insurance.


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