There are many rumors about the iphone 5 but in the month of September more news comes in media about these phones. Now we have to focus on the sources of this news to consider them true or just as a rumor. The iphone 5 officials are continuously releasing information and news to clear the minds of the users and traders because the rumors affect the market of this phone. It is very important for them to keep in touch with the media channels and news agencies to update the people about any news and fact related to iphone 5. The numbers of rumors were looking to be going true such as the rumor about the casings of these phones was true up to some extent as these casings were available in the markets.

iphone 5 going to release two models in this year:

This news is half true and half considered as rumor because one model of iphone 5 has been released but second is not in the markets. However, it is said that the new model of this phone will be in the markets for the users till the end of the year 2011. Anyhow, this rumor is very interested for the users because it will be an amazing event to release 2 models in a single year.

Introduction of 2 models in a single year:

 Mainly, the manufacturers release different models of different series but after each year. The purpose of releasing new models at least after one year is to give time to the recently introduced models to establish in the mobile markets but the case with the iphone 5 is different. After the introduction of the iphone 5 first model in this year the company receives good feedback and response. That’s why the manufacturer of iphone 5 is going to release another model in this year.

Will there be millions of iphone 5 in this world?

Recently, Apple announces that there will be millions of iphone 5 in the markets for the users so the people who can’t buy this mobile because of high prices will become able to purchase it. Anyhow, this rumor is being famous now days as most of the users are looking forward for the new generation of this mobile in the markets.

iphone 5 accessories leak:

It is said by most of the news sources that most of the iphone 5 accessories have been copied and near to appear in the markets. What will be the shape of the iphone 5 after the availability of so many colors and styles in different accessories? After the introduction of these leaked accessories the shape of iphone 5 will totally be changed for the users.

Storage capacity; either going to increase or decrease:

It is said that the new models of iphone 5 will contain more storage space that was 16 GB in last models. The rumors are surrounding in the markets that the iphone 5 that will be introduced near December will contain amazing storage capacity.

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