N8 by Nokia:

Nokia is producing versatile mobiles. N8 is a mobile that gives new direction to the designs of Nokia. This is a unique phone in fact. People call it a standard phone as well. The aluminium surface of N8 is quite good in giving its surface a glowing texture. It is having two metals in its exterior.

There are camera buttons and screen lock keys on the right side of the phone. When you touch it externally you feel the sockets in its body. You can add a microSD card in it whereas there is a USB port too.

General characteristics of N8:

The screen is quite big and gorgeous. People love to hold it to play games on it because of the best result of screen resolution. This is available in black color whereas other colors are also there in the market. The camera of the phone remained an eye candy for many photography lovers. The camera of N8 is 12 mega pixles so it is huge and marvelous. The flash is brighter because of Xenon. It is a touch screen mobile and the writing identification for Chinese language is also there in it. It has memory of 16 GB and with memory card more 32 GB are added in exisitng 16 GB.

Speedy images:

The larger megapixles of camera are not the only thing. There are other things in it as well. The feature of Symbian^3 is the latest object of discussion in Nokia mobiles. Nokia is struggling hard on its mobiles. The design of mobiles is not the only characteristic that is preferred by the company but there are soft wares as well as innovations that are there in the preference list of the company. To compete with the other basic phones, N8 is one of the best options.

Inside design of applications:

There is an avaialblility of zippy searching. The folders are there inside the phone. The applications are more developed such as there is an extensive example of music player. Looking for  exam help? Let’s take advantage of Self Test Engine  exams training and pass your IT exams on first try. The speed of the N8 is also better than many other phones. In the category of images it is quite speedy and perform operations faster.

Media player:

N8 shoots high digial videos faster. The speed of the video shooting can be analyzed from the fact that it captures 25 frames per second. It has some features similar to an iPhone. N8 can edit videos. You can work well with your favortie images and videos. You can crop them and can enjoy the photoshoot. There are many type of scripts that are supported by the media player. These video files may include script of WMH and Xvid. On the other hand H.264 ad DivX are two other major files that are successfully run on N8’s media player.

Attach N8 to television sets:

It can be attached to the television sets as well. You can use this feature in editing your desired videos whereas another useful purpose of this feature is that you can make your presentations well with a display of them on wider television screens. You can attach N8 to the television screen so that you can play games as well.


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