Shopping for accessories for your iPhone? These are some of the most popular and practical accessories available for iPhones, suitable for both personal and business use.

The first generation iPhone was release in mid-2007, though, probably owing to its incredible popularity, the iPhone seems to have been in the public consciousness for much longer than that. Over a 100 million iPhones have been sold worldwide. If you own an iPhone, you probably already own a few accessories. Here are just some of the most popular iPhone accessories and must-haves for iPhone owners.

Hands-Free Car Kit

Hands-free car kits offer a range of benefits for any mobile phone user. You can:

  • Ensure that you never run out of battery by recharging your iPhone battery while driving;
  • Like a reversing camera, hands-free car kits are a very strong safety accessory for your car. You can legally and safely make calls while on the road and protect yourself and passengers from any dangerous accidents;
  • Use a number of different phones in the same car;
  • Make phone calls via car kit screens or voice dialing; and
  • Talk through your car speakers.

Along with other safety accessories that can be fitted on to your car such as a reverse sensor, a hands-free car kit helps both you and others stay safe on the road.

Phone Case

Phone cases are a basic accessory widely used by iPhone owners. There is a huge selection of cases available for iPhones, including:

  • Skin cases – fitted cases that provide protection, and can be hard or soft
  • Holster cases – these allow you to carry your phone on a belt or a lanyard
  • Flip lid cases – these protect the screen when the phone’s not in use
  • Pouch cases – pouch cases are convenient, since they allow you to quickly slide the iPhone in and out of the case for usage.

Sports Arm Band

Sports arm bands are great for iPhone users who like to listen to music and stay connected while exercising. Use the arm band with popular iPhone fitness apps for a different workout every day.

Bluetooth Headsets

Though not providing the same level of integration as car kits, these can come in handy if you’re not in your car. Make calls, watch video, or listen to music with your headset.

Sync Docks

Sync docks are an easy and practical way to keep your iPhone in sync with your notebook or desktop computer. Sync docks let your phone automatically update software when you connect to your computer, recharge, and connect to stereo or speaker systems.

Battery Boosters

Battery boosters are also popular for those who don’t have a car kit. iPhone users commonly use portable chargers, an extra battery, or a battery power pack to avoid running flat at the end of the day, or if they’ve forgotten to recharge.

  • Portable chargers – these tend to be solar chargers or car-based chargers. Car-based chargers can be part of a car kit or a standalone car charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter.
  • Battery power packs – these are detachable battery power packs that can be attached to your phone to supplement the main battery. Some of these come in the form of cases that clip onto your iPhone.






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