If you own a small scale business and you are a little weak on the financial side or are socially disadvantaged then this might just be the thing that you require to read.

SBA 8A Certification

The Small Business Administration program of the US government has come up with 8a certification program that is designed to help the socially and financially backward people. It is a program that gives these people a fair deal of the business industry.

Why to take it?

It is said that the government is spending around 4$ million to 6.5$ for small scale businesses. And the only people who can bid on this project are those who had obtained 8a certification.

Where to apply?

The government has made it possible to apply for the certification online. This is designed to save time and energy so that you are not required to go and ask for an application in person. All you have to do is apply from the ease of your chair from home.

What are the documents?

There are many documents that if listed over here there would not be much space.

Some facts

But before you start applying let me tell you some facts. Nearly 90% of the applications are rejected every time and out of that most the applications rejected are from people who have applied on their own. This is due to the reason that first timers do not know the correct procedure and all the necessary documents required. Even a single mistake is going to cost them the rejection.

You will be allotted a specific time for correcting any mistakes that you had made in the application and after resubmission it will take 90 days to go through your application before they can come up with answer.

The safest method

Since it is a bit risky the safest method will be to apply through an agency to complete your 8a certification process. It is always better to give work in the hand of the experienced and get your work done or do it yourself and get rejected. Of course it will cost you some dollars from your pocket. But considering the amount you might get from your contract it will seem negligible.



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