Samsung has come out with a new LED TV that is sure to be number one with consumers. In fact, when it comes to beauty and looks; the Samsung ue46d8000 would take first place. Unfortunately, no such award exists, so suffice to say this TV will immediately attract the attention of everyone.

Specifications and Features

The bezel of this 46- inch TV is hard to spot even for the sharpest eye. The man or woman who buys this Samsung ue46d8000 TV will quickly become the envy of all who see it. Designed to fit in smaller spaces than a standard 46- inch LED TV, the hard to notice metal bezel shows tomorrow’s technology today. Samsung did a stunning job of stuffing the diminutive frame with so many features.

Features like four 3D- friendly v1.4, HDMIs and a LAN port to start with. Add to that built in Wi-Fi along with three USBs. With a built-in Wi-Fi, there is no need to waste a USB port. Playing back multimedia files or numerous video formats from USB drives lends itself well to the generous number of USB ports. Recording options include a built-in Freeview HD along with Freesat HD tuners to USB HDDs. A whole new world of entertainment awaits the owner of this LED TV.

One option is using the LAN/Wi-Fi for access to files stored at a networked DLNA- ready PC. Another option is to go online to Samsung’s outstanding Smart TV service. Other options include Skype, Facebook, and Twitter for all social- networking needs. There are plenty of adjustment options available for fine tuning picture quality, and most out of the box
TVs need adjustment.

2D to 3D Conversion Processing

The Samsung ue46d8000 is of course 3D. This means it is full HD active and is the best 2D to 3D processing seen to date. A pair of active shutter glasses comes with the LED TV. 3D pictures from this new Samsung have outpaced the competition with incredible brightness and colour richness. The LED lighting system produces vibrant levels that simply must be seen. Extraordinary crisp and detailed 3D pictures make viewing a delightful experience.


Considering the diminutive body of the Samsung UE46D8000, it is hard to see how Samsung could have done much better. It is true that no TV is perfect. This TV does have a few problems. 3D crosstalk and minor backlight problems occur occasionally. All in all, this TV is a real pleasure to watch. Considering the many features, it is going to be hard for the competition to come up with something better. Take a good look at Samsung’s new UE46D8000 3D LED TV today.



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