s you maybe know, there is a new Pokémon version; Pokémon Black and White.
There are 5 main generations:

1st Generation:
This generation still had a black&white screen.

- Pokémon Red
- Pokémon Green (which was only available in Japan)
- Pokémon Blue
- Pokémon Yellow

World: Kanto
Catchable pokémon: 150 (151 including Mew)
Starters: Bulbasaur (grass), Charmander (fire), Squirtle (water) (in versions red, green, blue) and Pikachu (in Yellow)
Badges: 8
Start in town: Pallet Town

2nd Generation:
These next generation games are in color.

- Pokémon Gold
- Pokémon Silver
- Pokémon Crystal

World: Johto and Kanto
Catchable pokémon: 250 (251 including Celebi, which is only catchable in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal)
Starters: Chikorita (grass), Cyndaquil (fire) and Totodile (water)
Badges: 16
Start in town: New Bark Town

3rd Generation:
In this generation, there are also a few remakes of older games.

- Pokémon Ruby
- Pokémon Sapphire
- Pokémon Emerald

According to some fans, the Emerald edition is the new green edition, which I talked about earlier. In the Emerald version, some things have changed which aren’t in the Ruby and Sapphire games.
There were two glitches in the games Ruby and Sapphire:
1. Time Fix Glitch: Problems with the real time in the game, this was solved
2. Berry Glitch: If you played the game longer then 1 year, you couldn’t grow and harvest berries anymore, this was also solved.

World: Hoenn
Catchable Pokémon: 384 (386 including Jirachi en Deoxys)
Starters : Treecko (grass), Torchic (fire) and Mudkip (water)
Badges: 8
Start in town: Littleroot Town

There are also two remakes been made. They are in the style of Ruby and Sapphire, but they still are in the same region as the older versions of them. The remakes are from: Pokémon Red and Blue.

- Pokémon FireRed
- Pokémon LeafGreen

Changes which are made in these remakes are; Added 9 new islands, remake of the environment, remove little mistakes from the previous versions.

World: Kanto
Catchable Pokémon: 384 (386 including Jirachi en Deoxys)
Starters: Bulbasaur (grass), Charmander (fire), Squirtle (water)
Badges: 8
Start in town: Pallet Town

4th Generation (for the Nintendo DS):
The games which are developed in the 4th generation are for the Nintendo DS. And again, there are some remakes from older versions

- Pokémon Diamond
- Pokémon Pearl
- Pokémon Platinum

World: Sinnoh
Catchable Pokémon: 493
Starters: Turtwig (grass), Chimchar (fire) and Piplup (water)
Badges: 8
Start in town: Twinleaf Town

In these games, there is something new added to get all the available pokémons. You can get pokémons from older versions like; Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, LeafGreen and FireRed to your new pokémon game (Diamond, Pearl or Platinum). Unfortunately, they can’t be returned!

Then there are also the remakes:

- Pokémon HeartGold (Remake from Pokémon Gold)
- Pokémon SoulSilver (Remake from Pokémon Silver)

World: Johto
Catchable Pokémon: 493
Starters: Chikorita (grass), Cyndaquil (fire) and Totodile (water)
Badges: 16
Start in town: New Bark Town

5th Generation:
And then we have the fifth generation of Pokémon so far. This game is really 3D, the gameplay is better then ever!

There are many cool new features in this versions:

- Triple Battles
- Random Matchups
- Rotation Battles
- Upload your saved files to the Internet
- The Pokémon Prof is for the first time a woman
- And many more, you should try this game!

- Pokémon Black
- Pokémon White

World: Unova
Catchable Pokémon: 649
Starters: Snivy (grass), Tepig (fire) and Oshawott (water)
Badges: 8
Start in town: Accumula Town


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