Filezilla is software which is being provided to the public for free. It is used mainly for FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The software was developed as a project by Tim Kosse and his classmates. Upon discussion among themselves they decided to make it an open source as they knew that there were many software as theirs available in the market and they would not make up to the competition.


Filezilla was designed to be used only for windows but later the version 3 was released which made it to run on Linux and Max. On February 2001 the alpha version was released and the beta version was implemented with all the necessary requirements. And after that there were many versions released by them.

Why use this software?

  • This software provides people to host their website without any cost.
  • The software is readily available on the net and has a size of more or less 6 MB.
  • This software also offers translations in most of the main languages.
  • You can use it without any fear of being attacked by hackers as there are multiple options for security purposes.
  • In this software there are two types of bookmarking.
  • Site manager- it is used for your major FTP locations
  • Quick connect- this is used for fast switching.
  • The best part in the program is that it allows you to download multiple files in a row and the same goes for upload.


Another interesting feature of is that it can adjust to the bandwidth of your server’s speed. For example if your server’s speed fluctuates in the afternoon it will sense it and automatically adjust the transfer rates of your files.

There is no scheduler but filter is used to make sure that you see the file which is required. One more interesting thing is that if you wish to browse a file and you are transferring some files, it will make sure that your transfer is not affected in any way while you browse with ease.

And at last it hardly takes your memory on hard drive as it requires only 50MB.


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  1. Jason Mews says:

    FileZilla is great!


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