The Top 10 Must Have iPhone/iPod/iPad Apps:

I have made my own Top 10 iPhone / iPod / iPad apps here listed below.
What do you think of my choises, and what are your must have apps for the iOS devices? Please share with us, so I might incluse that into my list :)

1 Angry Birds ($0.99)

Of course, Angry Birds has to be on this list. It is the best sold app of all time. And that is impressive, especially when you start thinking about it how easy this game actually is.
In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs who are located on various structures, with the intention of destroying all the pigs on the playfield.When you go through the game, new birds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player (you).

2 Fruit Ninja ($0.99)

Fruit-NinjaHere is another app, again a game, which is used a lot on the iPhone’s, iPod’s and iPad’s. This one is called: “Fruit Ninja”.
And again, this game is simple. This shows us again that the simplest games are the best :)

So what do we have to do at Fruit Ninja? Well, you have to handle fruit as a ninja. You have to cut the fruits with your awesome ninja skills.
The real trick is to hit all the fruits, but miss the bombs which are obviouslly not very good! The game also uses OpenFeint which makes it even more fun. With this you can accomplish achievements and get a highscore. With OpenFeint, you can also play against and with your friends for more fun!
Your success will also please the wise Ninja Sensei, who will accompany your journey with wise words and fun fruit facts.

3 Dragon Dictation (FREE)

This app is not a game. But still it is really awesome.

It is an easy-to-use voice recognition application that allows you to quickly speak and instantly see your text or email messages. You’ll dictate your email to this app, and the app will write it for you in the email. The app writes 5x (5!!) faster then you normally would.

What will be the benefits to you:

  • Five (5!) times faster then you would write on a normal keyboard
  • Very accurate in almost all situations
  • Very usefull when you are not in the mood to write

4 Twitterrific (Free | Upgrade to Premium $4.99)

It is available on both the iPhone and the iPad. This universal platform Twitter application has been specially designed for Tweeple! It has a very clear and smooth user interface, you can start tweeting with Twitterrific for Twitter with a few taps. Latest features include, instapaper, filter tweets and themes!




5 Public Radio Player (FREE)
The Public Radio is a cool iPhone app which turns your iPhone into a Radio! The latest release also includes the background audio support. Features like the timeline, pause/rewind, show schedule and an alarm clock make it even more awesome!

6 Schedulicity (FREE 30 days trial, then $19/month)
Schedulicity is a web-based service that allows individuals and small businesses to manage their appointments and schedules online.
The popular service has found its way to smartphones and tablet devices, allowing appointments to be managed from the palm of your hand. You can do things like: edit client accounts, appointment reminders and organise you calendar whenever you like! Everything you do in the mobile version will, of course, be streamlined with your web-based account.

7 CoPilot 9 (FREE trial, then starts from $4.99)
The CoPilot 9 helps you finding your way through the world. It is a GPS system with many other features.
There is a integrated Bing search engine, it will post live updates via Facebook places where you are (everyone wants to know that you are stuck in a rush-hour somewhere, right?)
Other unique features are the option to save the exact location of your car, driving directions to ‘geotagged’ pictures taken by your smartphone, and a walking mode which helps you navigate cities on foot.

8 Word Lens (FREE, language packs will cost you money)
This app is again amazing. You show a picture, of a lets say a sign on a door which tells us it is automatic, and the cool app will translate this for you. So this could be really helpfull when you are going on holiday in a country where they don’t speak your lagnuage/a language you can speak a bit.
NOTE: Language packs must be purchased from within the app. Use Word Lens on vacation, business travel, and just for fun.




9 DropBox (FREE)
In the DropBox app, you can drop all kinds of things in this huge box :)
You can put your files together, and get access whenever you want (also on their website)
There are many more features for this must have app, check out this for more features available:

10 Shazam (FREE)
When you hear a song, but you don’t know how it is called, and who is singing it. Why don’t you just look it up.
When you hear a song, press on the big button of the Shazam app, and Shazam will find out for you who is singing this song, and what the song is called. Then you are also able to buy this song or share it with everyone. Or see lyrics as they play in time to the music.  Sing-along or just find out the words you’re curious about!



So this is my Top 10 Must Have iPhone/iPod/iPad Apps, what are yours?
If you fill in yours, you don’t have to add an explanation, because that might take long. Or you could install Dragon Dictation, and then you can write 5x as fast :O (Number 3 of this list)



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