In the last six months, we have truly seen an evolution in the quality of Android based phones. They keep on getting better and better. Some people are even hesitant to purchase one because they feel as if they would be left out when the next version arrives in less than a month. Here they are sitting with their new phone and it is already technologically behind the other phones on the market. But they should not be concerned with that. While it is true that Android phones keep getting better, if you pick the right one the first time around then you will be more than satisfied. And a good example of that are the people who picked up a HTC Evo early on.

Why is it still popular?

The HTC Evo was a phone, that when it was first released, was considered ahead of its time. There were many features that the phone had that only a few of the other phones on the market had at the time. One of these features was an extra large screen. While it may seem like now every phone being released with the Android operating system running on it has a screen that is over 4 inches that was not always the case. Only recently has the big screen become a feature that people wanted on their phones. As a matter of fact, before smart phones became popular a couple of years ago, people wanted the smallest phone possible. Now it is the total opposite. People want their phones to be bigger and bigger. It makes it easier to consume media with.

Another thing that the HTC Evo had going for it was it was on the 3G network. While you may hear a lot about the 4G networks out now, only a very few places are able to get it. 4G networks have still not rolled out nationwide yet. So when you are looking at a new phone and you do not have 4G in your area, then a phone having 4G or not will not affect your decision when it comes time for the purchase.

Also even though it may seem a little bit longer, the HTC Evo was only released less than a year ago. Most phones age in two year cycles and not one. It just seems as if it is a little bit older because of the flurry of releases from other Android based phones makers. There have been so many released lately that even the ones that were first put on the market a little over three months ago seem aged.

And the last thing that we will say on why the HTC Evo is still so popular is the price factor. There are deals for the HTC Evo all of the time and we do not predict that will go away until the new version comes out. During last Christmas, the HTC Evo was being offered by some retailers for only a penny. You just had to pay the activation fee and sign up for monthly service payments. When you have deals like this going on you will find that a phone stays popular for a long time.

When it comes down to it, the HTC Evo still is able to compete with the other competition that is on the market right now. It is only little less powerful than the top of the line phones out there.


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