What are touch screen gloves?

Touch screen gloves are an invention that has only recently come to light. Touch screen gloves make using your ipod, ipad, iphone or other touch screen device that much easier by increasing screen sensitivity.

The reason that touch screen gloves are so good at both protecting your screen from dirt on your hands is because of their modern design. As you may have noticed they have miniature, harmless ‘spots’ on them as well as a highly conductive material to improve to connection between your hand and the screen.
Touch screens can get very dirty from the natural grease and dirt on your hands. This not only makes the screen very hard to see and messy but it also effects sensitivity as the dirt acts as an extra layer.

How much should I spend on touch screen gloves?
As with all things typically the more you pay the better you get. With touchscreen gloves lower level ones start from around £5 and the higher quality ones retail from around £30. We recommend when buying touch screen gloves that you spend around £25 so that you get not only a good price, but also great quality.


Is it cheaper to buy touch screen gloves online or offline?
Currently it is allot cheaper to buy touch screen gloves online as online stores don’t have the same large overheads (running costs) as large supermarkets or technology stores. Online stores typically have lower mark-ups on their prices and pass the savings on to their customers. Even after postage you should expect to be saving around 25 to 30% off the retail prices on any touch screen gloves in the UK or Europe. Some branded ones such as iphone gloves will be at more of a premium.

How long do touch screen gloves last?
Touch screen gloves will last around 5 years (normally due to wear and tear), but if you take good care of them they could last longer. We wouldn’t advice using touch screen gloves for anything other than for use with your touch screen device as they could get dirty and / or break.

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