There are Nokia 3G mobiles available in the market. These mobile phones are there in the market with features of dual SIMS and dual processors. C2 series of Nokia mobiles is there that is helping people in using two SIMS in a phone at a time. This is how you categorize Nokia latest and old releases according to their features. Once you know about all the features of the Nokia phone then you can easily distinguish between the latest as well as old releases of the phone. There are dual processors in practice now-a-days that’s why whole of the Nokia new releases have dual processors in them. Nokia E6i is the latest release of Nokia Company. There are many things that are available as its software in the market. The software may include games and internet software. Touch screen has other advantages there; such as people can play touch screen games and can enjoy 3D effects. Dual processors enable new Nokia releases to perform with 4G of speed.  E6 and N8 are two mobiles of Nokia that are there in the market with internet and WI-FI support. Whereas people who want to buy phone on behalf of internet only and no other utility is that much important for them then they can use Nokia C 6 and Nokia C 7. Moreover these devices are especially made for internet lovers. People can learn about these software and updates from any website. If they want to learn about it then they simply has to search for Nokia software’s and their updates. People cannot only use net to download them but they can upgrade their existing one as well.

Know about Nokia DUAL SIMS mobiles

There are dual SIMS mobiles that are considered as the latest mobiles because these mobiles were not in practice in last years. These are introduced after noticing about the demands of the customers. Dual sim latest mobiles may include Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-03.

Are the Nokia Mobiles Costly?

There are different prices of these mobiles that are there in the market. If you want to use these mobiles then take a view of prices so that you can decide better among utilities of the device and its price. For each customer the preferences may differ that is why different designs are introduced in these mobile phones. Looking for  exam help? Let’s take advantage of Self Test Engine self paced  training and pass your IT exams on first try. There are smart phones with stylish looks such as N8 and E6i where as there are dual sim phones with touch screen and other casual screen. There are office documents in E6; on the other hand there are free navigations and other things as well.

About Nokia Satellite Phones

There are few phones of Nokia that are known as Satellite phones. These are called so because these can be used anywhere in the world. There range is not limited. Coming soon mobiles of Nokia may include Nokia 100, N9 and C5. There prices will be decided according to their utilities and software’s. But Nokia is a reasonable brand that is used by all type of customers all along the world. The latest mobiles of Nokia even have office documents in them.


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