AT&T and Verizon are both offering the iPhone 4 with their telcom package. Which is better? Or are they both the same? Many people are asking this question, and here are some things that have been noted to help you make your final decision.

They are not the Same
Initially, you would probably think that because both providers are offering the iPhone 4, you would think that they are offering the same thing. No, they are not the same phone. The Verizon iPhone is using different technology from AT&T, using CDMA technology. However, the AT&T provider uses the GSM technology for the iPhone 4. There is public information from Apple to show that these are different technologies, and therefore, these iPhones are different from each other.
Now that we have that out of our head, what other differences are there?

Differences in Features
Since it was already established that the CDMA technology is used for the Verizon provided iPhone and the AT&T iPhone uses GSM technology, what does this mean? With the GSM technology, you will be able to make use of services such as caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting, with turning these options on or off directly on the phone unit.

With the Verizon CDMA technology, you would have to insert a number to enable of take out the caller ID option, and you would have to dial to enable the other functions, such as call forwarding and call waiting. For example, the call forwarding would have you dialing *72.

The Verizon phone cannot put calls on hold, so if you are looking for that option, it would be better to get the AT&T service, because you can go for holding calls, and join conference calls as well. In fact, the AT&T service would allow you to go up to 3 conference calls, even if that may seem close to very difficult to handle.

Difference in Rates
Both service providers have their rates offered online, and you can compare the differences easily, without having to go to their service center. You can browse through each online coverage map to understand further what services would be more suitable for your needs.

One last difference, the cases for an AT&T iPhone 4 will not be able to fit well a Verizone iPhone 4, because there is a button that is placed difference from the GSM model than that of the CDMA model. Whatever option you go for, you can use Best Buy coupons to get discounts on your purchases.

No matter which one you believe will fit your situation best, you probably don’t have to pay full price. Just start researching now and looking at different offers from different places. Often times, you can find things like online that will help you save on your purchase or at least shipping and handling.



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