What will the iPhone 5 look like?  The world wants to know, but Steve Jobs is keeping his lips sealed.

We know that Steve likes to keep his secrets close to the chest.  Here are some interesting features we would love to see in a new iPhone 5:


  1. Many colors available from the start.  What happened to the days when Apple INC was the company that embraced colorful products.
  2. Higher resoluation everything: A bigger camera and a more detailed and larger screen.
  3. Multitouch selector button.  We like the simplicity, but honestly, we would rather have a big old button that we could do more than simply click with.
  4. Global capabilities and unlockable.  We want to travel with our mutli-colored iPhone.  So let us go around the world and show it works from corner to corner.
  5. More resilient:  iPhone are great, so being without yours while it is getting repaired, sucks!  Make em sturdier, not smaller.
  6. No death grip:  Seriously, we want to know when our cell phone is going to be able to make calls even if we are holding it to our face.
  7. No tracking:  We want to make sure this is not Apple INC’s version of 1984 either.  It was a great ad for a company to rail against, not join up with.  For that matter, why not open it up to mods and a less censored app store.
  8. Boombox:  Wouldn’t it be cool if your loud speaker on your mobile device was actually loud!
  9. Battery life:  We all know battery life is a trade off, but we can always hope.
  10. Stationary-Vibrate: when the vibrate goes off, it would be cool if it did not make the phone jump.  For example, if the phone in on  a table on silent.  When it gets a call, it goes into kamakazee dive mode and then jumps off head first to a concrete floor to shatter the beautiful retina screen.  That is not good!  Make the vibrate option not too rough so it picks up the phone and levitates it.  See item 5.
  11. Expandable memory. It would be great to swap stuff in and out.  But Mac’s never allow that so do not give your hopes up.
  12. Navigation: Google has developed a nav system for the Andriod, but is not going to give that to Apple for nothing.  Let the iPhone  5 be a GPS replacement.
  13. Over the air Sync: Enough wires.  Let me download music from my computer even if I am not plugged into it.
  14. Biometric security.  This is not too important, but a finger print scanner would be pretty neat!
  15. More features that use 3G and 4G networks.  Like facetime and skype, it would be  nice to not be tethered to a wifi for the high bandwidth applications.

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